Tune In to Get the Best Audio App for your BlackBerry Z10!

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A new innovation by BlackBerry, the BlackBerry Z10 is a full-touchscreen smartphone that has become a sensation with the tech-savvy generation. BlackBerry Z10 is a revolutionary device which has changed the way people will listen and share their audio content in future.  Add to that its ever growing app ecosystem, and you have the perfect opportunity to share, create and enjoy audio in more than one ways.

On a BlackBerry Z10, there are multiple ways of listening to music depending upon how social one wants to be about it. Finding the most suitable app can be a tough job. Here is a list of highly popular audio apps for the BlackBerry Z10. Just grab your headphones and enter the world of your favorite music with some top notch audio apps.

1.    Songza – Want to listen to some random music according to your mood? Then Songza is just the right music app for you. Songza gives you a specific playlist exclusively organized for your mood. It simply detects the day and time when you initially boot the device and then gives you a drop down list suggesting the task at your hand. So, just tell Songza what you are doing, and you have a custom-made playlist ready for you.

2.    TuneIn Radio – This amazing music app continues to reign as one of the best music apps with its brand new avatar for BlackBerry Z10. Since the app plugs into BBM, you can rave about what you are listening to your friends.  The app also has the amazing feature to search new radio stations in your vicinity!

3.    Pacemaker – This one is for all you music fans who love to tweak and mix any track on their BlackBerryZ10. Are the DJ’s listening? This one has a price of $4.99 per month.

4.    Slacker – An on-demand music app, Slacker is for people who love listening to their favorite music in style. With this exceptional app, you can share your music on Facebook along with flipping through various radio stations.

5.    8tracks – This one is an Android port on the BlackBerry Z10 and has the best features of many audio apps. From uploading audio content to mixing sound tracks, you can do it all through this incredible audio app. Beware of the banner ads though!

6.    Nobex Radio – Continuing as a top-notch audio app, Nobex Radio allows the user to mark his/her favorite music station from all parts of the world. You can also share web links and update your BBM status about the radio station you are tuned into.

Some of the other great apps to look out for include SoundNine ($1.99/month), Deezer ($9.99/month), Podcasts ($1.99/month) and Radio Player+ ($1.99/month). While we strongly recommend the above mentioned apps, we do not claim that this list is exhaustive. As time passes, the BlackBerry App World is sure to be hit by better audio and music apps. Keep checking this space for newer and better audio apps for your BlackBerry Z10.

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