Planning to Trade in Your Android Device for a Blackberry? Read On

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BlackBerry 10 OS has inspired many users to trade in their Android devices for the new Z10. Here’s what you need to know before you dive into the BlackBerry world. BlackBerry 10 is equipped with almost everything that you have on your Android device right now, and more.

Making the switch to BlackBerry may not prove to be that hard a choice. The main concerns that you may have while switching your devices will have to be contacts, e-mails, calendars, games and applications. Here we try to walk you through the entire layout of the BlackBerry for an Android user.

Calendar, Contacts and e-mail
BlackBerry 10 easily gives access to all your mail accounts. Since you are using an Android phone, you might already have a Google account. Setting up your Google account on the BlackBerry device takes minimal effort. In case you are using any other account, that too can be easily configured for the device. The BlackBerry device allows you to configure multiple mail accounts to it. All your mails are now available for access in a convenient location.

Your calendars are most probably pre-synced to your Google accounts. Just choosing the sync calendar option while syncing the mail accounts will configure the BlackBerry device to your preferred calendar settings. Multiple calendars with your various accounts will also appear on your device without any difficulty.

All you need to do is use the Exchange ActiveSync facility to configure them to your BlackBerry device. Your contacts are also simple to transfer to the device. All contacts pre-synced with Google are automatically uploaded. Contacts from other mail accounts can be transferred using the ActiveSync option.

App Selection
The BlackBerry World offers you a large selection of games, apps, movies and music. However, being a new platform, the BlackBerry world still has no official apps available on call. All basic apps such as Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter are made available, with WhatsApp and Skype soon to appear.

Gaming platforms such as Gameloft, EA and HalfBrick have been seriously implementing some of their popular games for this platform. While you may be able to see popular apps like Evernote, Dropbox and Box, no other official apps have made an appearance. But a large selection of Android apps can be patched to work on the BlackBerry if you so wish. This gives the user greater freedom in customizing the apps.

BlackBerry 10 presents to the users, the Hub. The hub is a single meeting point for virtually all your incoming communications. Official, personal or social, any incoming message comes through the hub.

The Android platform is highly fractured. Custom ROM’s, rooting procedures; widgets, live wallpapers and the sort are good for tinkering with the device. But for those who don’t particularly enjoy the additional work that this entails, the BlackBerry platform gives great standardization.

With the device manufacturer owning the OS, all devices come with a standard operating system. BlackBerry is great for people who like their devices simple and efficient. The button navigation is completely done away with it. Gestures are central to navigation with BlackBerry.

Also you get the amazing BlackBerry keyboard. The BlackBerry is a great device upgrade. If you are currently on the Android platform, then the BlackBerry switch will be a completely seamless process for you.

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