Pros and Cons of the Blackberry Q10

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The new BlackBerry Q10 is loaded with swanky smartphone features. It makes for instant email and messaging and comes with lots of useful, intelligent apps. The phone’s keypad couldn’t have been better and using BBM on the Q10 is incredibly satisfying. For those who are not that hooked onto Instagram or Netflix, the BlackBerry Q10 app store is more than teeming with helpful apps.

What works for Q10?

The Q10 is one of the few smartphones today that scores equally high on both design and ease of use. Going by its form, it is a well balanced device. The following features work in favor of the Q10, making it a coveted phone of the recent times:

1. Dimension: It is definitely a big phone, a signature feature of the Blackberry clan. However, it is not inconvenient to handle and definitely not bulky. You can hold it easily and grip it comfortably. In the weight department too, the Q10 gets a straight A – neither too flimsy to touch nor super heavy. This means that storing the mobile device in your purse or pocket is easy. Carrying this smartphone poses no problem.

2. Tactile Keyboard: While the BlackBerry Z10 was a champion of virtual keyboard typing, the Q10 offers the best of tactile keyboard. While many users love the virtual typing with autocorrect and word prediction options, the attraction of a physical keyboard is hard to resist. Typing gets better on the Q10 and perhaps, faster too.

3. Long battery life: The Q10 is definitely an improvement on the Z10 in terms of battery life. Long hours of video, music and games can be played on the Q10 in a day without having to recharge every now and then. There is no need to recharge twice a day as is the case with most smartphones available today.

What doesn’t work

1. Screen size: The screen is a good many size smaller than the Z10.  Movies or video viewing experience could have been better. Media files do not utilize the full-screen mode and users need make a few adjustments initially. However, this is not a deal-breaker in any sense.

2. Gaming: Gaming on Z10 is an exhilarating experience simply due to a grand display and screen size. However, it is an entirely different story on the Q10. It does not have a landscape game view option and the smaller screen does take away a lot of fun from gaming on the Q10.

3. Thin touch-sensitivity or bezel for apps: The Q10 is a little thin on the bezel area for apps. Sometimes users can really turn an app off when all they want is scroll up or down the screen. Besides, there is also no trackpad. This might make it difficult for some users to text-edit or steer through web pages.

The BlackBerry Q10 has a compact, little OS that shows the tremendous possibility of evolving into a better version over time. Small things like the Calendar- Contact sync and auto apps that run without having to be user-activated are things that need mentioning. However there is some improvement required in sending videos over emails and BBM.

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    The new BlackBerry Q10 is loaded with swanky smartphone features. It makes for instant email and messaging and comes with lots of useful, intelligent
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