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BlackBerry world is loaded with apps that cater to the need of virtually every customer. BlackBerry world is a veritable ocean of applications of virtually every type. It is indeed a daunting task navigating these apps. We attempt to present the top app picks according to public demand here.

PlayBook users, who enjoyed the Blaq client, will know that the same makers have brought forward a Tumblr client going by the name Trapeez. The Blaq client is still a no show on BB10, but Trapeez is more than capable of handling all those functions and more. Navigate your favorite Tumblr blogs with the added ability to publish on-the-go. You may also post your stories in chat formats. Available for $1.99.

IM+ Pro
IM+ Pro is a highly capable instant messaging service for the BlackBerry platform. IM+ pro is capable of logging into multiple user networks simultaneously and monitors various contacts. Facebook, Google talk, windows live and several other clients are made to work in a single environment under IM+. Even obscure mail clients too are made equally responsive. IM+ Pro is a good buy if you have a friend network scattered across a wide variety of social networks. Available on BlackBerry world for $4.99.

Keek is a social network application that allows users to upload snappy and short video clips straight from their phone. User can view their friend’s videos and leave comments. Find people to follow and monitor their videos. Keek is like Vine for the BlackBerry platform.

Looking for singles near you? Want to find a reliable dating client? Then Badoo is the right app for you to peruse vast grids of singles’ data. Despite being an Android port, Badoo functions fairly efficiently. Badoo is basically free to use, but users are given the option to choose to buy themselves into premium access spots. Being a location-sensing application, the app helps you find singles based on proximity.

Buffer is handy tool that lets you eke out particular stories onto your social networks. Bufferers are allowed to decide ideal times to post content onto their networks. If you are the over-sharing type then buffer can be the ideal tool for you.

WhatsApp is to the world what BBM was to BlackBerry users. If you want to stay in touch with people over a variety of networks, then WhatsApp makes cross-platform communication possible. WhatsApp is free for BlackBerry.

Untappd is the ideal social network for the beer boys. Join your friends in discovering your favorite brews. Location- awareness lets you find beer holes that stock your preferred brand of beverage.

Feather Duster
This one is more toy than tool. Keywords are designated as flow points or connect. Small lights travel between them depending on the frequency of their usage. For people who are social butterflies, this a great tool to study the rise of trends and the interconnection between them.

Diode is a snappy Reddit app especially for BB 10. You can monitor your favorite subreddits and interact with other redditors. You can sort stories based on their relevance. The new theme addition will ensure that the visibility is another attraction to this app.

Neatly is possibly the first of the third-party twitter media clients for BB10. Although Neatly is short of some core Twitter features, it still has some neat tricks. It generates ratings and between you and other users, helping you to map common areas of interest. The multiple account feature lets you monitor multiple accounts simultaneously.

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