BlackBerry Q10 Battery Charger Bundle: Solution to All Your Battery Woes

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The USP of BlackBerry Q10 is its long lasting battery life which keeps it one step ahead of its competitors.

It comes with a 2100MAh battery which is a notch better than any other BlackBerry battery till date. Owing to its amazing battery support, BlackBerry Q10 has enough to outrun its competitors. However, if you want to be sure that your phone still has enough juice left in it to take care of your post office hours indulgences, then BlackBerry has come up with just the thing for you.

BlackBerry Q10 Battery Charger Bundle will put an end to the nagging fear of running out of battery.  The small charger easily fits in your pocket while the spare battery makes life easier. The attached micro USB cable makes sure that you don’t have to hang up on a phone to change battery. Just plug it in and continue.

The Charger Bundle is extremely easy to use and it presents you with multiple options to make sure you never run out of battery. The most convenient option is to just pop in the spare charger battery and be ready to go on.

The charger provided with your BlackBerry Q10 can be used to charge the spare battery or even better, the bundle can be connected to your phone which allows you to charge both the batteries simultaneously. The Battery Charger Bundle comes with a micro USB port which allows you to use any micro USB charger. However, the BlackBerry micro USB charger works best with the bundle. The bundle also has an LED indicator which lights up in different colors depending on the status of the battery.

LED light flashes amber when the battery is being charged while LED turns green when the battery is nearing its full capacity. The solid green LED indicates that the battery is fully charged.

The compact size of the Charger Bundle is an added advantage as it gives it the much needed portability. The small size and light weight makes sure that it is easy to carry and can easily fit into your pockets, bags and purse.

So, whenever you are running low on battery, you can always swap your discharged battery with fully charged one from the bundle.

Also, if you are in middle of something very important, you can just pull out the micro USB cable and plug into your Q10 to have instant power. In either case, the charger bundle makes sure that you never have to miss out on anything just because of low battery.

Loaded with these outstanding features, the BlackBerry Q10 Battery Charger Bundle figures high on the list of must have accessories. Even though Q10 has amazing battery life, I would recommend you to carry this charger bundle to be on safer side so that you can remain out for long without any fear.

This amazing device will take away your unnecessary doubts and fears about your battery and will ensure you get the best out of your phone.

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