The Place of Blackberry Q5 in the BlackBerry Portfolio

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One of the latest announcements made by BlackBerry includes the BlackBerry Q5.  This low-priced QWERTY device came as a surprise, when compared to the other devices in the BlackBerry portfolio.

The Target Market

The first thing that distinguishes BlackBerry Q5 is that it would be introduced in the emerging markets, instead of the US. The company announced that they would be launching BlackBerry Q5 in selected markets including that of Asia, Africa, Latin America, Middle East and the Europe. The emerging markets essentially include the countries that have low GDP figures such as Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Colombia and Kenya. In short, one can conclude that the device is going to be seen in all parts of the globe, except Canada and the US.

The Pricing

Now, this is something we all are still guessing. However, knowing the fact that BlackBerry Q5 targets emerging markets, we can say that the device would be priced competitively. BlackBerry Q5 basically serves the same purpose for the BB10 portfolio, as served by Curve for the BBOS portfolio.  Noting that the Curve sold really well due to its efficient and competitive pricing, a good guess is that the Q5 also needs to have similar price positioning to have a steady run in the market.

According to experts, the price positioning of BlackBerry Q5 needs to be in accordance with the current trend of relatively fancier Android phones, which have a price range of $250-270. The BlackBerry Q5 essentially needs to be placed at a price of around $200-250, in order to survive the competition and carve its own market.

However, a $300 pricing for the BlackBerry Q5 can still work in its favor because it has slightly enhanced specs in comparison to the full-touch android mobiles. In order to get a deeper insight, here is a comparison between the BlackBerry Q5 and the Galaxy Advance S.

The Spec-to-Spec Comparison

1.    Blackberry Q5 has an internal memory of 2 GB as compared to Galaxy’s 768 MB. This means you can run more apps on Q5 than on Galaxy Advance S.

2.    The Q5 boasts of an amazing 720 X 720 screen resolution whereas the Galaxy is left far behind with it 800 X 480 screen resolution. Even the pixel density is 41% better in the BlackBerry Q5. So, you get a much better video quality, for a small increase in budget.

3.    If you are amongst people for whom their phone is their lifeline, BlackBerry Q5 is just the thing for you. With its 2100 mAh, the phone offers much longer battery backup than the 1500 mAh of Samsung Galaxy Advance S.

It can be concluded that the fair price for the BlackBerry Q5 would be somewhere around the range of $300. In order to establish itself again as a high-end brand, BlackBerry Q5 needs to maintain its prices above $250 in the emerging markets. In the long run, even BlackBerry Q5 may turn out to be equally profitable as BlackBerry Q10.

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