Top 10 Fun-Filled Games for BlackBerry 10

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The game arena is flooded with the hundreds of good games for the BlackBerry 10. With so many options to pick from, you are sure to get confused. Shed your worries, we have come out with a list of ten most exciting and most popular games that are loved by BlackBerry 10 users, across the globe. These are the games you would love to play again and again and yet, would never be bored.

Still not sure whether the games in the list are really worth downloading? We played the games for hours and have put them to test and made sure that they run smoothly. So, here’s presenting the list of the ten best games that are high on the fun quotient as well as robustness.

The Free Ones

1.    Chasing Yello: The awesome Yello is now being chased by Mathilda, a seven year old, while it tries to getaway along a river. So, you make him evade her grasp while collecting stars, earning points and making some good cash. Get your adrenaline rushing by getting rid of the obstacles in Yello’s way!

2.    Texas Hold’em King:  A multi-player poker game, Texas Hold’em King, is an online game where the player has to exercise his/her intuition to win the jackpot. For all you poker fans, this game gives you the chance to bet, fold and raise and win free chips every day.

3.    Robotek: If you are a fan of sci-fi, this game is just right for you. A great robot appraising takes over the fallen humanity and the planet. It’s time to pay back and you get to rip the enemies down with lasers, electrodes and all such high-technology stuff. An absolute yes for technology freaks!

4.    Angry Birds Star Wars: This new edition of the latest iteration of this highly renowned game offers you the same old fun with new features.

5.    Six Guns: Fond of the wild? Travel in the western American frontier, and hunt down the supernatural baddies in this adventure game.

The Paid Ones

1.    Where’s My Water: With over 400 levels, this is one of the most popular game apps by Disney. Fun and excitement at the same time!

2.    DynaStunts: Perform stunts while collecting stars, but do not forget the timer! With 25 different levels and five different tournaments, this game surely pumps the adrenaline.

3.    Samurai II: Vengeance:  This for all those Samurai fans out there. A game that sends you on the amazing hunt for the ultimate baddie, the demon Orochi.

4.    Death Worm:  The latest version of the Death Worm, this one is the most indigenous game you would come across.

5.    Riptide GP:  Take your love for adventure to the next level with this jet-ski racing game.  This game even offers you a host of jet-skis to choose from and three difficulty levels to go on to. Get this coolest game for long hours of fun!
We are not saying that this list is exhaustive, but we can say for sure that these games are amongst the best you would get. Get going!

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    The game arena is flooded with the hundreds of good games for the BlackBerry 10. With so many options to pick from, you are sure to get confused. Shed
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