The Easiest Way to Run All Android Apps on Blackberry 10

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Blackberry 10 users have always found it painless to download Android apps and run them on their BlackBerry 10. Side loading has really become a basic BlackBerry function. However, the only time these apps pose a problem is when they do not work on the phone. It so happens that some Android apps crash post downloading. As a fitting resolution to this problem, the Android 4.2 version comes with better compatibility features.

However, if you’re in a rush, you can use another quick-fix method to convert Android apps (version 2.3.3) and install them safely on your BlackBerry phone.

In this alternative mode, a user is able to play almost any Android app on their BlackBerry 10 device. Whether they’re coded for Android originally or not has no bearing on their BlackBerry performance. Those users who’ve had a lot of experience in converting apps should find it a breeze to translate Android apps. Those who have never converted apps might find that they need to know a few things.

Basically, app conversion, from Android to BlackBerry is meant for advance app conversion experts and does entail more than a bit of technical know-how.  There are some issues which can limit the capacities of a new user unless they are well into the science of conversion. One of these limitations is that you can use a converted app only on your BlackBerry 10 and you will require a Windows operating system. You need to know how to translate a Batch script into a Shell script. However, assuming that you are a pro at app conversion, you only need a few tools and you are through. These include an Android SDK and a debug token.

An Android SDK, version 4.2.2 is sufficient to copy apps. The first step is to copy the app from the Android SDK platform to the phone platform. The resultant file carries a zandnroid2bb.bat format.   This file has to be properly edited for best app conversion and subsequent performance on BlackBerry 10. You have to indicate the position of the installed Android 4.2.2 SDK. You can do this by simply altering the top line of the zandroid2bb.bat file. The next step is to include a .bar file in the same place as the script. Now you can get a .bar file through your debug token. The debugger,, has to be placed in a directory that houses the script.

It’s time to test the conversion gear. All you have to do is drag an Android app with an .apk extension on the zandroid2bb.bat platform. Immediately, a .bar file is created. This .bar file is the app switch on BalckBerry10. If the .bar file is not created, there is definitely a loophole that you must plug in.

As the last step, install the .bar file on your BlackBerry 10 and use your app smoothly. For the purpose of error-free installation of the .bar file, you can use the zInstaller.bat build into the device or any other installer you deem suitable. However, there are some apps which remain totally immune to your hard work and simply won’t function on the BlackBerry platform. Yet, when you use this method, you increase the success rate of a conversion.

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