I’m Back in Black, and Here’s the Stuff Jack- Blackberry News Recap

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Not that you necessarily care, but I was absent from the world of Blackberry for a little bit. The real world caught up with me and I was forced to put my beloved writing for BBR on hold. Alas, I’m back. I’m sure you missed me dearly while I was gone (complete sarcasm), but something good can surely come out of all this, I promise.

Let’s cover the recent news that broke over the time that was gone. News that -by now- you probably already know. That’s okay though, you haven’t heard it quite like this before, or at least I hope you haven’t because that would mean there’s another Briley clone out there somewhere and that’s just downright scary.

Blackberry 10.2 Will be Getting Android 4.2.2 Support

Android Runtime for Blackberry Jelly Bean support

Let me just start this one off by saying, yay! It’s about time the Android runtime for Blackberry received an update, and as a predominant Android user let me just tell you there’s a huge difference between apps developed for Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread and those developed for Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. The general UI will change, various animations will be improved, and lots of features will now be available. It’s all for the better, don’t worry.

It’s also good to see Blackberry standing behind one of the features previously offered instead of just saying, oh well time to let that one go. What do you think of the update news? Are you excited for Blackberry OS 10.2?

The Blackberry Q10 Launched

Blackberry Q10

No seriously, the Blackberry Q10 launched a while ago, but in the time that I was gone, several different carriers have started offering the first QWERTY packing device from Blackberry. This is big news, and it’s also big news that Blackberry is still alive and kicking. Where are all of those naysayers now, eh? Eh? Little Canada joke there… because Blackberry is based in Canada… yeah… anyway…

Do you have a Blackberry Q10 yet? What do you think of the device?

BBM is Going Cross Platform!

That’s right, pretty soon you’ll be able to talk to your buddies on Android and iOS through your favorite social IM app, Blackberry Messenger. Long gone is the restriction that limits you to just any ol’ Blackberry user. Now you can branch out and socialize with the world. Well, that is if they install BBM on their handset when it’s available in the respective app stores.

Thousands of Suckers Fooled by Fake BBM App

Blackberry 10 Charging

Speaking of BBM, a company going by the name of RIM (and we all know that name doesn’t exist anymore) released an app in Google Play called ‘Blackberry Messenger BBM’. It was downloaded by over 100,000 users who were swindled, before it was removed from the Play store.

The fake app displayed a message that the app would start working on June 27th (the rumored date for the BBM app release, which we now know not to be true), and then it prompted users to sign an agreement. After all of that jazz, it installed a plethora of icons, bookmarks and other items on the related handset. I’m curious how much money in advertising said company made.

Who is this mysterious RIM? Dastardly RIMmers! I guess the users that downloaded the app never got the memo that RIM changed their name to Blackberry, huh?

That’s it, For Now

BlackBerry 10 Tricks

I’m sure there are a lot more stories out there. In fact, I know there are a lot more stories out there, but that’s okay. For now, this will do.

What are your thoughts on the news tidbits discussed here?

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