BlackBerry World: Some Much Needed Upgrades

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BlackBerry World was introduced on April 1, 2009 by the name “BlackBerry App World” and since then it has been providing applications to BlackBerry users spread all over the world. BlackBerry World has been under constant evolution and there have been more than a few versions of this app in the market with the latest one being with BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry World was earlier used only for downloading games and apps but now it has grown to include a video and music store to make it one of its kinds shopping experience for BlackBerry users.

Over the years, the BB World has done a remarkably good job at listing top apps, trending movies, music and other items. However, there is still a lot that can be done to improve the overall experience of the users. With each passing day, the content grows bigger and more complex, making it more and more difficult to land at the app that you really want. Following are certain suggestions that will go a long way in improving the BB world experience.

1.    Improve search: The search functions of BlackBerry World are certainly not the best out there. It wants you to be absolutely specific about what you want it to find and it does not tolerate even a single letter error. Even the minute errors can land you in no man’s land as BB world doesn’t have supportive features that make smart correction or redirect you to closest possible page. This is something that needs to be high on priority while talking about an upgrade. A real time search suggesting app will be more than welcome.

2.    Improve Filtering: One of the gravest problem with BB world is the amount of mapping apps present here. The never ending supply of mapping apps always become an impediment while searching for the desired app. Some filter options or better refined categories of applications will do good to solve this recurring problem



3.    Introduce App Suggestions: Users find it cumbersome to look for new apps and games on BB World. Users generally visit BB World daily to browse new items added in the BB World list and a feature that will suggest apps to the users based on their previous downloads will give them a reason to smile. Most users hate to go through all the available items to find something interesting.

BB World

4.    Include More Details: It is a fact that most of the users download only such apps which have a proper description and screenshots in place. Thus, it’s surprising that there is no requirement to put screenshots in place for listing an item in BB World. Apart from absence of screenshots, some apps don’t even have a proper description. This is something that needs to be addressed soon and BB World must have some pre requisite for listing an app.

Incorporating above mentioned suggestions will help BB World in providing a better experience to its users who frequently get disappointed by the kind of service that it has on offer. Time is ripe to make changes and get in sync with dynamic demands of the users.

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