Blackberry Launches BES 10 For Android And iOS

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BlackBerry has always been at the fore of enterprise software execution. BlackBerry’s revolutionary enterprise services made it the prime choice among enterprise users. The obvious kink in the armor, however, was that the productivity and security offered by a BlackBerry device was limited to the BlackBerry platform essentially.

All the way back in the month of February, BlackBerry speculated on the introduction of secure enterprise-level cross-platform workspaces placed within the BES 10 (BlackBerry Enterprise Service). The BES 10 is an IT admin’s dream come true.

Secure work spaces offered by BES 10 will be able to offer IT admin’s a greater amount of control over user applications such as calendar, contacts, documents, memos, and several other applications. The BES 10 essentially handles all the managed apps in order to keep personal and work space exclusive from each other. This will in turn let users to run both aspects, personal and corporate, from a single device eliminating the need for using multiple handsets.

The BES 10 will work spectacularly across platforms such as Apple and Android. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) 10, will allow for the controlling of devices across platforms from a single management console device.

BES 10 effectively ushers in the era of real-time multi-platform execution of Enterprise mobility management. BES 10 single-handedly gives users astounding amounts of control to the users by providing them with the kind of experience they want. BES 10 is a unified device management system tailored to meet the needs of both personal and corporate owned devices. BES 10 is the only device management currently out there that can manage three leading platforms such as Android, Apple and BlackBerry without any problem.

The full range of security facilities provided makes BYOD implementation work like a charm. BES 10 allows for proper management of company data on the users’ devices from a single master management console. The Android and Apple platforms are given an option of using the Secure workspace provided by the BES 10.

BlackBerry Secure WorkSpace for iOS Android Secure Workspace is essentially containerization and secure connectivity option that lets IT admins effortlessly manage cross-platform devices. Securely managed applications are separated and secured from personal data and applications. Accessing Secure data outside the workspace calls for stringent user authentication.

BlackBerry Balance is a feature of the BB 10 smartphone’s that is directly controlled by the BES 10. BlackBerry balance lets you toggle between personal and work data employing a simple gesture. The encryption of the workspace data makes it that much easier for corporations to protect data critical to their working.

BlackBerry has forever been the golden standard in end-to-end secure mobility. BES 10 creates an effective framework for corporate administration to function effectively and push relevant applications to both BYOD and corporate device users.

BlackBerry balance lets the user keep any personal applications in the personal space away from the workspace data. The secure and regulated Enterprise level mobility management makes the BlackBerry devices compliant to government communications standards. BlackBerry has really hit it on the nail with BlackBerry Enterprise server 10. Cross platform Enterprise mobility management is here to stay.

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