Innovative Concepts for Blackberry OS 10.2

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The BlackBerry OS 10.2 is in the pipeline. BlackBerry is currently running helter-skelter prepping for the big update for its spanking OS 10. The BlackBerry 10 OS is leading the revival of the BlackBerry mobiles. The launch of this brand new OS on a thumping new device saw the BlackBerry phones getting picked up from stores quicker than ever. The first step has been successful more or less. The follow-up update to this excellent OS is currently highly anticipated.

The BlackBerry OS 10.2 is still in the works. Rumors and speculations are big about what we may see on the devices with these new updates. The loyal BlackBerry followers however are dropping in their own requests for features they’d most like to see implemented on their devices. The entire list of suggestions was all across the place. Some were unique, creative and maybe improbable. But the features that most of them seem to suggest uncannily resembled top-billed features from other platforms.

Pattern locks, lock screen notifications, pinning apps to widgets as active frames and easy password features it all looks highly promising. But it definitely doesn’t end there. The most plausible estimate of the upcoming BlackBerry 10.2 estimate by Pootermobile shows potential. The concept essentially pitches to us the idea of quick home screen settings, customizable bottom bars and media players on your lock screen. Is it just me or does all this seem just a little Apple and Android?

These features may have gotten a face from Android and Apple mostly, but shipping these features onto a BlackBerry device may have great merit. The BlackBerry device is chiefly seen as a business and enterprise level device. Serious, sophisticated, all work and no play kind of device. While the productivity is a desirable factor, having these slight tweaks will make the devices and OS a lot more appealing to a wider audience.

Blackberry Update Home screen settings let you decide what items you want to appear on the home screen. You can decide which ones to show and which to hide. The menu is also quite scrollable making it easily navigable. The bottom bar icons can now be customized to suit your needs instead of being stuck with the camera and search icons as usual. These are some features that users love in their Apple and Android mobiles. The most preferred tweak however, is the media player on the lock screen. A lock screen media player gives you the option of listening to your devices’ media files without actually having to unlock the lock screen. This is particularly useful when you have a complex code or a complicated pattern lock setting.

You will no longer need to unlock the device every time you want to listen to a track on the drive. Most BlackBerry users at present are people who have upgraded from their old Android and Apple devices. While the productivity and security of the BlackBerry devices is certainly preferable to any Android or Apple device on the market, these little things are still holding people back from making the switch to the BlackBerry platform. Incorporating these features into the latest update will definitely give BlackBerry the all important edge over its competition.

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