All That Was Good About Blackberry

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BlackBerry, the Canadian smart phone maker formerly known as RIM (Research in Motion), is on a mission to re-invent their product. The BlackBerry 10 OS was the first step in this direction. BlackBerry has been fighting a downhill battle ever since Thorsten Heins took up the helm of BlackBerry. Add to this the loss of million subscribers in the fourth quarter. In the period between December 2012 and March 2013, BlackBerry went from having 79 million customers to 76 million customers. Investors really seem to take an issue with this but this development needs to be viewed as an encouraging fact.

How can one view the loss of subscribers in a positive light, you ask? Well, on closer inspection the situation is not entirely that disappointing. The fourth quarter was essentially the beginning of the BlackBerry’s resurgence. The new BlackBerry platform gained a lot of traction and hype during this period. A bold new platform and brand new CEO running things brought with them great words of a fresh new platform with all new devices. Is it a wonder that people were reluctant to purchase the old BlackBerry Curves and Bolds from their shelves? Just put yourself in the shoes of a BlackBerry loyalist and ask yourself this, would you be willing to wait a few more months to get a completely fresh looking BlackBerry? Apparently, 3 million people answered yes to this question.

From this we can safely assume that a majority of these customers was simply awaiting the release of the newer BlackBerry devices. The product launch in February right in the middle of their quarter also ensured that not many new devices were sold. These devices were not instantly available in all the countries around the world. The American mobile market is a tough one to negotiate. But now the BlackBerry devices are available across many geographical locations and multiple carrier options.

blackberry In this wake, RBC Dominion securities have adjusted its forecast for BlackBerry. RBC dominion had previously posted estimates of about 11 million devices shipped this year. But in the wake of new evidence, this number has been predicted to be 14 million devices. There’s your missing 3 million BlackBerry subscribers. RBC has firm hopes that Blackberry will turn a sizeable profit for 2013. The Q1 prediction that previously was at 2.75 million subscribers has now been adjusted to about 3.5 million new subscribers. Most of these devices are going to be the latest BlackBerry 10 devices, the Z10 and the Q10. The BlackBerry 10 devices are now available in a lot more countries and a greater number of carriers than was originally planned.

The greatest sell, however, has to be the Q10 devices which the BlackBerry loyalists were anxiously awaiting. The Q10 keeps in touch with the demand of die-hard BlackBerry loyalists for a tangible touch surface. But it also incorporates a sizeable touch screen that provides proper tactile resistance along with the very familiar keys. The new range of BlackBerry devices is for a newer generation of BlackBerry user. There is no doubt  that Blackberry will break all expectations and sell like hot cakes now  that a new device is all set  to be added to its kitty, the BlackBerry Q5. The future is looking all bulls for the BlackBerry.

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    BlackBerry, the Canadian smart phone maker formerly known as RIM (Research in Motion), is on a mission to re-invent their product. The BlackBerry 10 O
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