Taking Web Browsing To Another Level: Blackberry Q5

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Since its launch, Blackberry Q5 has been a gradual hit with masses around the world. Most of the patrons of this extremely user-friendly phone are either new Blackberry enthusiasts or people upgrading from another Blackberry device. While the phone rates well on all parameters, including its look, weight, speed, app-compatibility, but it is the smooth web browsing experience that it offers which stands out. Read on to learn about the ways in which Blackberry Q5 redefines mobile browsing.

Find a Web Page from Your Home Screen
The Blackberry Q5 OS offers a simple technique to find your way to the web page you are looking for. All you have to do is start typing what you wish to search on your keyboard – and it shall prompt you with three choices – to direct you to Yahoo, Bing, or Google. Tap on the one you wish to go to and you’re done. What is even more ingenious is that the search shows up the pages you have recently been to, or those you have set as your favorite and bookmarked.

The Q5 Browser
Q5 supports the traditional way of internet surfing – through a web browser.  The Q5 browser furnishes a list of recently visited sites when you open it. It also has an option to go to your bookmarks, or history. Besides, it allows quicker surfing by facilitating switching between web pages through its “New Tab” option.

Options Galore
The Q5 browser is equipped with options that make your surfing experience as easy and convenient as possible. Firstly, you can bookmark the webpage by simply tapping on “Add Bookmark”. Secondly, if you regularly drop by a particular site, you could bring it to your home screen by tapping on “Add To Home Screen”.  This comes handy if you are not fond of diverse surfing and usually visit just a few sites.

Q5 Also, Blackberry Q5 browser enhances your web readability experience greatly. Since there are still many websites that do not have mobile compatible versions, reading the text on them can be quite a task, because you have to move to and fro to read the complete sentences. Q5 eliminates this inconvenience by providing the option of “Reader” mode. It fits text to your screen and even allows you to increase or decrease the font size. In other words, it makes even the sites that aren’t mobile-friendly, effectively compatible to your mobile.

Lastly, Blackberry Q5 presents the option of “Share” to enhance the interactiveness of this phone. This useful option allows you to share any webpage with your contact, and through any medium, be it BBM, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

Redefining Web Browsing
Blackberry Q5 has taken web browsing to a whole new level of accurate, quick, easy and absolutely convenient surfing, leaving not much to be desired by its users.

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