Blackberry’s Smart Phone Line-Up for the Rest Of 2013

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You can love it, you can hate it, but you simply cannot ignore it. Blackberry, receiving either extreme love from its loyal enthusiasts or extreme hate from those who never understood why it’s so special, is back with a bang.  With two excellent products coming up, Blackberry shall make sweeping attempts at wooing the smart phone mobile market.
The rest of 2013 shall see Blackberry making waves with its latest offerings – Blackberry A10, encrypted as “Aristo” and the Blackberry 9720.

Blackberry A10/ Aristo

What is it about Aristo that has everyone talking about it, months before its launch? Being touted as the next big phone on the block, Blackberry has taken advantage of the hype  surrounding it and presented it as its most powerful smart phone yet, with enhanced  battery life and superior gaming facilities and options.

This positioning is clever and likely to pay off since battery life and gaming have been the sore spots where Blackberry usually invites criticism.

The A10 will sport a lavish 5-inch screen in a much more polished look than its counterparts. This, coupled with its Super AMOLED display, dual-core processor, and inbuilt 2GB RAM makes the A10 a deal to die for.
An interesting facet that shall contribute to A10’s efficiency is that it shares its silicon built with the iPhone. The look and designing of A10 is close to that of Samsung Galaxy S4  – in fact, it might be even larger and grander than the latter.
If word is to be believed, A10’s gaming has been developed with great care by a core team comprising of the best in the business.

Along with the intensive gaming functionalities, an 8 megapixel camera is also expected to be a part of the Blackberry A10.

Blackberry 9720

The Blackberry 9720 is a re-designed version of Blackberry’s perennially popular offering – the Blackberry 9700. The major difference between the two is the designing and style, which has been tremendously upgraded in the former.
The other great thing about Blackberry 9720, apart from its enhanced look and feel, is that it is going to be quite reasonably priced, since it’s a replacement for the Blackberry 9320.

Blackberry A10 Affordable and pleasing to the eyes, this new Blackberry smart phone is bound to catch the fancy of the regular income market. It is expected to be priced at approximately $350, which certainly makes it a buy to brag about.

Future Forecast for Blackberry

These two devices, each catering to a different niche of Blackberry users, comprise Blackberry’s smart phone plans for the recent future. Also, it is being predicted that the company may have another surprise up for grabs this year.

All that can be said with certainty is that whatever the final products launched by Blackberry may be during the rest of the year, it looks like it shall definitely carry on with its tradition of chic and efficient devices that win your heart!

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