Phoenix Rising: Blackberry Expecting a Momentum in Performance

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With close to 80 million subscribers, Blackberry remains to be a confident fighter in the battle for supremacy amongst various smart phone manufacturers. Blackberry CEO, Thorsten Heins said in the recent AGM (Annual General Meeting) that the company will extend its focus towards enterprise mobility management. Currently, the company is focusing on launching  six more smart phones in the market.

Although Wall Street’s expectations of Blackberry shipments were not met in Q1, Heins has a good reason to be optimistic. The company’s sustenance is not just dependent on the North and South American regions alone. It is estimated that the Blackberry 10 is gaining momentum, considering the sales growth in the Asia Pacific and the EMEA regions. Both the regions have displayed considerable revenue gain as compared to the last year. Wall Street must not overlook the potentiality of Blackberry with its multi-device management solution, BES 10.

The demand for BES 10 is increasing, as it has benefits over the rest of the app management solutions. The multi-platform solution is now compatible with iOS and Android devices as well. The new features enable the users to separate their corporate and personal data in the same device.

Estimates show that, BES 10 is highly in demand, and at least 60% of the device’s customers from Fortune 500 companies have already chosen to download the platform. As a matter of fact, this can be a turning point for Blackberry if the focus is on maintaining and updating the existing impressive features. Heins could consider it a driving force for boosting the sales of the various Blackberry units. Some sources also reveal that at least three of the top ten companies in communication, construction, finance, hospitality and health-care, have displayed their interest towards BES 10.

It is a known fact that the company does not lack when it comes to developing innovative technology. The innovations in the existing Blackberry Messenger are in the talks.

BlackBerry AGM The company is planning to dedicate its focus on enterprise management with the hope of changing the existing status of its revenue. If there is anyone out there who believed that Blackberry is sticking to its device development strategies, you need to rethink as the company is still operating its functions on secure data network and services. The company has demonstrated its ability to intercept the mails and messages sent through Blackberry devices, and encrypt them as needed by security agencies.

It is being said that the company is not planning to reveal the subscriber figures in the future. Blackberry’s fluctuating stocks and shares must not be misapprehended. The numbers could improve as the company launches its budget-friendly models. Of course, the uncertainty associated with Blackberry’s revenue generation can be addressed. However, time is a constraint here. There is a need to revamp the company strategies in order to attract more users towards Blackberry apps and devices.

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