Why Blackberry 7 Still Rocks

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BlackBerry 10, the new operating system is quite unlike its predecessor. Before you finally write off BlackBerry 7, think again. There are some areas where BlackBerry 7 smartphones beat BlackBerry 10 with regards to features and functionality. Of course, there are many things that BlackBerry 10 devices do better, but there’s still a list of BlackBerry 7 victories, in spite of its almost obsolete platform.

Notifying Practices

Of all the awesome things BlackBerry 7 featured, notifications topped the list.  Who can forget the wonderful notification bar?   BlackBerry 10 handles notifications in a more polished way, but that’s about it.  You can no longer see the background apps that displayed a spectrum of colors that you could tailor to your fancy. For now, apps like BeBuzz or HUB++ have to be kept open for them to function.  Hopefully, this should be taken care of with the next OS update.

With BlackBerry10, you can no longer distinguish between standard BBM and BBM Group notifications.  This might bother people wishing to have mute BBM group notifications using a separate icon.  Presently, when you silence BBM Groups, all BBM messages and other pings are silenced too.  Third-party applications offer some help, but they have their limitations and cannot match up to BlackBerry 7′s customization of notification options.

Selection of Text

The BlackBerry 7 trackpad allowed for fast selection of text and fast and accurate copy-paste functionality. There’s no equivalent functionality on BlackBerry 10. With the improvements in OS 10.1, selection of text is slightly better but it isn’t as good.  To copy, you need to hold on the selection for at least a second and then hold again to paste. This process isn’t too convenient and can prove annoying sometimes.

Email Functionality

BlackBerry has ended the popular BIS email services that used to provide efficient and reliable email services on BlackBerry 7.  The latest smartphones run the ActiveSync protocol from Microsoft which generally uses more power for server synchronization.

Additionally, many useful functions such as the “Delete on Handheld” feature areabsent on BB 10.  While BlackBerry 10 has considerable improvements in email management, BlackBerry 7 was also not too bad with its various handy features.

Blackberry 7 Navigation Buttons

BlackBerry 7 included the semi-iconic four navigation buttons, which along with the track pad, allowed incredibly quick navigation, efficient call management, and multitasking. BlackBerry 10 gestures appear slightly slower in comparison and still require to be fine-tuned and need customization options to be able to match up to the BlackBerry 7 experience.

Choice of Form

With BlackBerry 7, you had a choice whether to go all-touch, use a low-end or high-end touch screen, slider or a QWERTY keyboard. So you had lots of choices regarding your smart phone experience.  With BlackBerry 10, you’ve got only three devices at present.

Battery life appears to be another issue with Blackberry 10. Overall, BlackBerry 10 is far superior to BlackBerry 7. While it is more touch-friendly and enables mass internet consumption, BlackBerry 7 still rocks when it comes to the basics.

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