Want to Play Some Candy Crush on Your BB10? Check Out Candy Crush World

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Candy Crush Saga is a pretty popular Facebook game that is similar to Bejeweled, with exception to the fact that you’re matching very colorful pieces of candy instead of gems. It has been available on Android and iOS platforms for some time, and it’s also pretty popular amongst mobile users. I have to say, Candy Crush is extremely addictive, but it’s just as frustrating if not more so. Unfortunately, Candy Crush is not available for Blackberry, or more specifically the Blackberry Z10 or Q10. That’s a real shame because it is pretty fun to play even with its quirks, and it’s a great way to kill some time.

You can always sideload Candy Crush onto your Blackberry 10 device, seeing as they are able to run Android apps. It should work just fine on a device running OS 10.2. That being said, not everyone will want to deal with the hassle and steps required to sideload a simple game.


That’s exactly where Candy Crusher comes into play! Please keep in mind though that this game definitely has some quirks of its own. Right off the bat I’ll tell you that there is a free version and a premium version available, the latter for $1.99. In its current state, I wouldn’t recommend buying Candy Crusher or Candy Crush World as it’s called in Blackberry World. The free version is decent though, and if you really want a Candy Crush clone to play then this game definitely fits the bill.

Candy Crusher Menu

Like Candy Crush Saga, the goal is to matchup groups of similar candy pieces in order to clear them from the board. Once the related pieces have been removed, an entirely new set of candies will fall into place. In Candy Crush Saga there are various goals and objectives that you must meet in each level before you can advanced. With Candy Crusher however, you just have to pop as many pieces of candy as you possibly can in the time allotted.

It uses nearly the same visuals, style and theme as the original Candy Crush Saga so players of that game should feel right at home. Of course, if you are at home you can just play the original Candy Crush in your browser, which is why this game serves as a great alternative when you’re on the go.

Candy Crusher definitely needs some work though so don’t jump into playing the game, expecting it to be perfect. First, there are no animations when swapping candies on the board. This can lead to some confusing moments here and there. Audio does play when you make a successful candy match, but the noises are more comical than anything- not that the original Candy Crush Saga is intensely dramatic either.

Candy Crusher Gameplay 2

Long story short, the best way to play some Candy Crush Saga on your Blackberry 10 device would be to sideload the Android version. Short of that, you can always turn to Candy Crusher, or Candy Crush World or… whatever the hell it’s called. Hit the Blackberry World widget below for the appropriate link (yes we know it’s outdated).

If you do happen to check out the game, feel free to share your thoughts on it in the comments below!

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