Diagnose Issues With Your Blackberry Handset Using Blackberry Virtual Expert

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Every once in a while it’s possible to run into an issue with your device pertaining to the hardware. Sadly, defective handsets are a reality, and so is the possibility of damaging a working device. There are many different things that can happen. You can easily drop your device and damage the screen or internal components. It’s definitely possible for you to drop your phone in the toilet or sink, submerging it in water. There are even ways of damaging the internal microphone, speakers and more.

Blackberry actually has an official app available in Blackberry World that allows you to diagnose several components of your BB10 device. Believe it or not, the app has actually been around for quite some time. It just took us a little longer than usual to notice.

Blackberry Virtual Expert test suites

It’s called Blackberry Virtual Expert, and it essentially runs your device through various tests that are designed to identify problems with your device including common hardware issues.

Does your BlackBerry need a health assessment? Are you considering a repair? The BlackBerry Virtual Expert diagnostics application is a simple self-guided diagnostics app brought to you by BlackBerry.

When you open the application, after installing it, you will be presented with the entire list of options. The particular tests that you can run include the following:

  • Touch Screen
  • LCD
  • USB port
  • Main Keypad
  • Keyboard
  • Side keys
  • Slider (for those with a slider)
  • Camera
  • Speaker
  • Loudspeaker
  • Headset
  • Microphone
  • Vibrator
  • Bluetooth
  • Status LED

Of course, the very first time you start the application you will be able to enable or disable various permissions which allow it to collect device information. The permissions required include accessing device ID info, the camera, microphone, shared files, GPS location data, location information, and cellular data. Obviously, if you disable any permissions – which you can do so freely- then the related tests will not work properly or return the appropriate results.

Blackberry Virtual Expert permissions

There are three different tabs not including the app settings menu: test suites, tests and test results. The test suites tab includes three different suites which run the device through a collection of tests and trials. The tests tab includes individual tests which can be performed separately. Last, but not least, the test results tab records and displays any information collected by the app.

After a test has been completed, the user also has an option to send the test results to Blackberry, which will be used to improve future products and services. This is strictly an optional feature, as you can decline sending any amount of information at all. It’s a good thing too with all the recent news about data collection.

Blackberry Virtual Expert test pass

Depending on the test, the time required can vary. On average, the tests are completed pretty quickly, aside from the suites which run through multiple tests at a time. Some of the tests even require user interaction. For example, when testing the front camera the device will snap a quick photo and then ask if the photo was visible and successful. You can tell the app whether the front camera passed or failed the test, or you can even skip answering altogether.

This app is tailored for casual users who are not quite so tech savvy, but it would definitely be useful for anyone trying to diagnose issues with their Blackberry handset. You can get it for free from Blackberry World, just click on the widget below.

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