Want to Browse YouTube on Your Z10 or Q10? Check Out FastTube

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There is no official YouTube application for Blackberry 10, unfortunately. That means Z10 and Q10 owners are stuck visiting the YouTube website in their browser to watch videos and content. While the standard mobile browser works pretty good for streaming video content, it’s not the most ideal platform for doing so. Still, sometimes you do what you have to do, and in this case that means watching YouTube videos within the mobile browser.

You can always side-load the Android app onto your device, but some people just aren’t into doing that. It’s not difficult, but it does take a little extra effort.

There are some alternatives out there, and this next application happens to be one of them. FastTube is a free application for Blackberry 10 that allows you to natively watch YouTube videos. Perhaps the best thing about it is that it offers a better experience than the YouTube site when used in a mobile browser.

FastTube popular videos

However, right from the start you should know that if you wish to use a personal YouTube (Gmail) account with the app you will need to pay $1.99 for the premium version. You can still browse and view content with the free version of the app you just can’t take advantage of the features offered when you’re signed in with a personal account. Some of those features include channel subscriptions, playlists, favorites and ‘my videos’ which are your personally uploaded videos.

When you first open the application you will be presented with a video feed of the most popular YouTube videos. You can browse and watch these videos at your own discretion.

You can also tap the menu button at the bottom left of the screen to open a slide-out menu of further options, including search, sign-in (account), subscriptions, playlists, favorites and my videos. Most of the options are pretty self-explanatory. I will say the subscriptions shortcut is quite useful, but it only applies if you have signed in to a personal account, which also means you would have to pay.

You can also choose the quality of the videos that are streamed, and this is good for several reasons. The most relevant is that you can control how much data the application uses by lowering the video quality. Of course, if you prefer to watch your media in pristine HD quality, that can be done, as well.

FastTube side menu

As soon as you launch a video, you are offered a choice between low quality, high quality and HD streaming. Obviously, HD streaming is of a much higher caliber yet it also uses quite a bit of mobile data. Adversely, if you have a slow internet connection or poor signal, you can revert to a low quality video to keep performance better.

FastTube sign in

You can also see all comments, descriptions and any related videos just as if you were browsing the official YouTube app or web portal.

What’s so great about FastTube? Well, quite frankly it takes the entire YouTube experience and it crams it into a native BB10 themed app. It’s just more convenient to use a native app designed for the platform than to side-load one or rely on the mobile browser.

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