Facebook Version 4.1 for Legacy Devices Has Arrived

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Facebook for Blackberry has finally seen a significant update that not only brings some improvements to the table, but new features as well. It’s about damn time too, considering the app has been chugging along slowly as of late. Although the Beta Zone has been available for legacy devices, Facebook version 4.1 is now available for Blackberry handsets running OS 5 all the way to 7.1.

Unfortunately, Blackberry 10 appears to have been excluded from this update. That’s okay, because legacy users have been waiting for quite a while for something like this. It’s only fair that Blackberry 10 users should wait a bit longer too. To reiterate, this has absolutely no relevance to Blackberry 10 devices like the Z10 or Q10. Unless you own a legacy device, there’s really no need to continue reading (just trying to save you the trouble).

Facebook is a free app to download in Blackberry World, and the rollout of version 4.1 will soon be happening everywhere. If the new version is not yet available in your area, give it another 24 hours or so before trying the download. Hit up the widget below this post for the necessary link.

Now, on to the most important part of this news; what exactly has changed in version 4.1?

Lots of upgrades and revisions have been implemented in the latest version of Facebook for legacy devices, like better news feed filtering options, a refreshed profile design, and a new way to change your profile photo. Additionally, photo tags have been added along with several other improvements.

The full list includes the following:

  • Easier access to the News Feed filtering options directly from the navigation list- now you can select various filters like show all, status updates, photos, or links
  • New look and feel for user profiles- profiles are now more beautiful than ever and there are newer ways to view them, like a “more actions” button that allows you to view a cover photo in fullscreen mode
  • View cover photo and larger profile pictures
  • Ability to set profile picture – the Blackberry menu key can now be used to change a profile photo, and that includes choosing an image from your mobile gallery
  • View multiple photo tags in a News Feed- up to two tags (people) are displayed and then the total number of tagged users is visible on an image or post
  • Improvements in Friend Search to resolve duplicates
  • Fixes for Facebook notification clearing
  • Fixes for some issues for receiving notifications
  • Receiving multiple, duplicate friend requests issue is fixed

As you can see the latest version of the Facebook app for legacy devices includes quite a few welcome improvements and feature additions.

Have you been able to try out the new version of Facebook yet? What do you think of the improvements and feature additions? Do you feel that more that needs to be implemented? Has Blackberry done a good job supporting legacy devices in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below.

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