Evidence Suggests Blackberry Messenger for Android and iOS is Coming Soon!

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More evidence is starting to appear that BBM for Android and iOS is coming real soon. We first learned about the proprietary messaging platform and how it would soon cross boundaries at Blackberry World 2013 in May. They didn’t offer a specific release date for the launch, but they did imply that it would be coming sometime this year. Several news sources claimed to know specific dates, one even mentioned July but it didn’t happen. Lately though, there’s a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that the now cross-platform messaging service is on the way!

Early versions of the Android and iOS user guides appeared online. The guides essentially walk new users through using the platform, and explain how to do things like add contacts, view social updates and even create unique BBM groups. Essentially, all the things that Blackberry users have known how to do for a while, Android and iOS users will need some hand-holding. That’s exactly what Blackberry is planning to do with these users guides.

The fact that they’ve cropped up online suggests a release is pending. The user guides have since disappeared which means Blackberry probably realized their mistake at making them public. That being said, they were definitely floating around.

Recently, a new landing page for the Android and iOS versions of BBM has cropped up on Blackberry’s website. There’s a notification window which allows users to sign up for email updates, and be notified as soon as the app is available for their device. There’s a small FAQ and help section that reveals useful tips to new users, like what a BBM Pin is and what to do with it. There’s also a short breakdown of all the primary features offered by the platform, or more specifically what users will be able to do with BBM.

If you’re wondering what that is, see the following. Users will be able to take advantage of video and screen share features just like in the Blackberry 10 OS. They can text, message and even send use voice features to talk to one another through BBM.

BBM also works directly with other social apps like Foursquare, Jingu Friends and more. Although, it’s not entirely clear what Android and iOS apps will be supported by the platform at launch, if any. We may be looking at a very select number of social apps offering support, but who knows. We’re definitely hoping that BBM catches on with Android and iOS users, because then everyone can enjoy the fun that is Blackberry Messenger.

The best part is that Blackberry users will be able to chat with non-Blackberry users on their favorite platform. There will no longer be a need to bother with third party messaging apps and other tools. This is definitely exciting news for everyone!

You can check out this link to see the new BBM landing page for Android and iOS devices. There is a download button, but don’t be fooled it just takes you to Blackberry World for now. Unfortunately, no date have been announced yet so it’s still left to speculation.

We can expect to see cross-platform versions very soon though.

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