Create Animated GIFs Right on Your Blackberry 10 Handset with Prophet Camera

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One of the latest fads in the tech world is creating and sharing animated GIF files. Why share a normal static image when you can share animation? Static images are boring anyways.

Unfortunately, you need a software application to put together GIF files. Until now there have been very few GIF tools for mobile devices. Enter Prophet Camera for Blackberry 10. It’s a mobile application that lets you compile and produce an animated GIF right on your Z10!

The app allows you to take pictures using the device camera which are then compiled into a single GIF file. After being created you can then upload the file to various social platforms like Facebook, or anything connected through Blackberry Hub. You can also set the images as a contact photo, BBM photo, wallpaper, or Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook profile picture. In other words, you can do pretty much anything your little heart desires with the animated GIF once you’ve made one.

As soon as the app fires up, you have to option to change various settings related to the output file. For example, you can change the frame frequency, picture size, total frame number, shutter sounds, add visuals effects and auto-reverse the animation. To put it bluntly, there are a lot of cool things you can do with the file before you export it as an animated GIF.

To think that all of this can be done right on your Blackberry 10 handset! What a crazy world we live in! Technology is amazing, isn’t it?

Better yet, the app doesn’t even request an absurd number of permissions like most other apps do. In fact, the only permissions required to use the app are the following:

  • Camera: To take the pictures
  • Shared files: To save the pictures.

It truly takes only a few minutes to create an animated GIF image from scratch, and just as long to add the image to various social platforms and profiles. The beauty of this app is not only the fact that it’s easy to use, but that anyone can do so. You don’t need extensive photo editing or tech knowledge to put an animated GIF together.

Better yet, you can email the finished product to yourself and use it anywhere, even a desktop PC. If you’re sitting around with your phone next to you, you can throw together an animated GIF and then send it to your personal email for use elsewhere! Pretty great huh?

As always, hit up the widget below to navigate to the appropriate Blackberry World page for Prophet Camera. It’s available for free and there are no limitations to using the app! From what I can tell it’s totally unhindered and free to use forever! Who doesn’t love a good free app?

Have you ever used Prophet Camera before? If you have let us know what you think of the app. If you haven’t be sure to check it out and then come back to let us know! We love hearing what you think of the apps we cover here at Blackberry Rocks! It helps us decide what to cover in the future!

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