Check Out Retroid, a Neat Little Brick Breaker Clone for Blackberry 10

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Chances are pretty high that you’ve played Brick Breaker in the past or some variant of it. There are a lot of clones floating around out there. In fact, if you’ve ever owned an older Blackberry device then you’ve certainly played it before. Brick Breaker was available on a lot of legacy devices.

Retroid is a brick breaker style game with a twist. It uses a retro theme throughout to present a classic style game, but the mechanics are actually quite modern. Then again, it’s the same tried and true mechanics that were available in the original brick breaker.

If you’ve never played a game like it before, essentially you have a ball that bounces around on the screen. There are palettes or bricks positioned at the top of the screen, and you need to break them by bouncing the ball off of them. This can be done by moving a board around at the bottom of the screen to catch the ball. If you miss it, then the ball plummets off the screen and you lose a life.

The game is split up into four episodes, each of which has 15 levels to complete. While there are varying levels, the game really just changes up visual styles throughout the different episodes. You’re not exactly getting any new content, unless you consider the challenge to be different in each level. Realistically, it’s all the same thing but that’s not bad at all.

You can also earn power-ups like a lot of the more modern brick-breaker games. For example, there are power-ups that extend the board, make the board move slower, and even offer an extra life. One can’t forget the adverse “power-downs” which hinder the board and make the game a little more difficult for the player. Those come in the form of a board size decrease, and a ball speed up. If you get multiple hits on the ball while moving the board around the screen you rack up multipliers and more points. Clearly the idea is to get a good score on each of the different levels.

  • 15 levels per Episode
  • Every episode has unique look and gameplay
  • Cheerful graphics and effects
  • Groovy music

This game is structured a bit differently when it comes to purchasing content. The first episode is free and completely unlocked. To play additional episodes you will have to pay $0.99. If you don’t want to buy each episode separately you can buy the whole game for $1.99. That’s certainly a welcome option for those of us who prefer not to pay for episodes separately and want a better deal all around.

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Have you played Retroid in the past? Have you had a chance to play after reading this quick review? Let us know down in the comments below! We love to hear thoughts and opinions from the community. It helps us choose apps to review in the future too, especially if we know what you like or want!

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