Spruce Up Your Text With Whacky Fonts in BBM, Facebook, or Twitter Thanks to Fontify

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Do you ever feel the need to break away from the norm, and use a rather sensational font for your posts, messages and more? Want to throw all of your Facebook friends for a loop and update a status with upside down writing? Quite honestly, I’m sure lots of us have gotten bored with the same trite fonts over the years, especially those of us that are used to being pretty creative.

Fontify is an application specifically designed for Blackberry 10 devices that allows you to change nearly everything about the fonts you use. More specifically, you can choose from twenty whacky fonts and push them out to Twitter, Facebook, BBM and even email. The fonts actually work across the multiple platforms, including legacy Blackberry devices when using BBM. That means you can write to friends, family and colleagues with a little more style! Of course, you might piss a few people off if you use a font that’s hard to read but hey, isn’t that what life is all about?

You can choose from many awesome font styles like Alpha, Gothic, Greekified and even Anti-Gravity (upside down).

To use it is quite simple when you open the application you have a space to type out your desired message. Then, below the entry field you choose from a selection of available fonts and the message above will be updated to reflect the change. In this way, you can preview exactly what your text will look like before sending it out to the masses.

When you’ve found a style that you like, you then just tap the share button so you can share it to third party apps. As soon as you click share, the application also copies the text to the system clipboard so you can paste it anywhere you want.

Realistically, you could say Fontify is compatible with any number of apps and services on your device not just those mentioned here.

As the developers so eloquently state, you can do the following with your fonts:

  • WѓΐɫЄ cɵɵŁ ʍЄʂʂǺgЄʂ ŁΐkЄ ɫђΐʂ
  • uʍop ǝpısdn ǝʇıɹʍ
  • ƬWξξƬ fƯƝƝY ɱξʂʂAƓξʂ ƬhAƬ ƓξƬ ɱΦRξ RξƬWξξƬʂ
  • υpdaтe yoυr ғaceвooĸ ѕтaтυѕ wιтн 20+ ѕтyleѕ
  • ƈųʂɬơɱıʑɛ ყơųཞ ℘ཞơʄıƖɛ ơŋ ʂơƈıąƖ ŋɛɬῳơཞƙʂ
  • çђąŋɠę ţђę ŋąɱęş ǫƒ ƴǫųŗ çǫŋţąçţş

Furthermore, the app includes support for the following features:

  • Over Twenty ¢ʘʘ∟ fonts To Choose From!
  • Native App Designed For BlackBerry® 10
  • Share Cool Fonts Easily
  • Messages Automatically Copied To Clipboard
  • Beautiful & Stylish Graphics
  • Compatible Across All Platforms

Long story short, you can really spice things up by picking up this app for your Blackberry 10 device. Send out cool and funky messages across multiple platforms including BBM. Just imagine when your Android and iOS friends finally get their hands on the BBM app, you can wow them with plenty of crazy fonts. That is, of course, if you feel like gracing them with your kind words- they did go with another mobile platform after all. I suppose you can’t be bitter about that forever, huh?

Currently, Fontify is available for 80% off- which means you can pick it up for just $1.99. I’m not entirely sure when that promotion is going to end, so I would recommend picking this one up as soon as possible. As always, hit up the Blackberry World widget below to navigate to the proper page.

Have you used Fontify before? Are you planning on getting the app now that you saw it featured here at BlackberryRocks? Please, comment below and feel free to share your thoughts and opinions, I love to hear from the BBerry community!

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