Content Beamer for BB10 announced

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BlackBerry is undergoing a revival of sorts. The main appeal of legacy BlackBerry has undoubtedly been the amount of successful implementation of the productivity applications. BlackBerry has always been a great tool to increase work productivity.

Content Beamer is one such application that allows users to have remote access to their documents from any regular document management system like SharePoint from Microsoft. Content Beamer is basically like a remote control that allows users to display, edit and even mail the documents stored on any of their business networks using their BlackBerry Smartphone.

Content Beamer is a secure method to effectively save and transfer files, attachments, e-mails and other documents. The transfer of data between any particular document management system and the users BlackBerry Smartphone is typically done over-the-air, in a most convenient and secure fashion. You can even add documents contained within your network as attachments to e-mails.

Content Beamer is the application that essentially makes it possible for users to conveniently access documents of great importance right from within the company network using just your BlackBerry Smartphone. This is definitely a great alternative option to having to first search for the said document on your laptop, after booting it up first, of course. This kind of functionality provided right into the lap of BlackBerry users can only mean that information sharing will be a lot more simplified process. Accessibility, file sharing will all come together to make working on the mobile a lot more productive.

In this day when desktops are definitely a thing of the past, Content Beamer does its very best to render even the laptops obsolete. People are well on their way to be freed from the hassle of having to carry a bulky piece of hardware on their backs. This would also mean a lot of money saved for the enterprises themselves. The actual implementation costs for this would only be as much as a simple data tariff. The cost incurred by the virtual private networks and other such networking trappings is also greatly reduced.

Content Beamer The added advantage to using an application such as the Content Beamer is that the user productivity goes up by a great factor. All this is achieved without having to spend too much time in unnecessary back office activities. Having the option to use the work related files on the official network greatly reduces the need for investing on data storage. You can manage all your network directories, organize all your important presentations and even order printouts remotely.
Keeping with the times is the greatest challenge that anyone is facing in today’s world. When it comes to computers, the future is all in the Smartphone’s. Perhaps the future is even here already. So the BlackBerry can be the apt choice for an enterprise customer in the current condition. With the great amount of assured security, variety in applications and a trusted customer brand, BlackBerry is the most sensible Smartphone option available today.

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    BlackBerry is undergoing a revival of sorts. The main appeal of legacy BlackBerry has undoubtedly been the amount of successful implementation of the
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