BlackBerry OS 10.2.1: What New Features are Included?

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Barely a few days after the latest version of its OS leaked, BlackBerry has released the SDK version of the much awaited operating system for app developers. Although the official launch may be several weeks away, the SDK version allows developers to tweak their apps to make use of the new and exciting features included in version 10.2.1.

The new version of the BlackBerry operating system comes with several impressive features including Q10 speed dial, contact profiles and new BB icons. Excited users have been discussing the merits and demerits of OS since it got leaked last week ahead of the official launch.

Although the official version is not yet available, it is safe to assume that the new OS comes with a lot of new and improved features and tools for BlackBerry users. It looks like BlackBerry has finally listened to its users and developed an OS that comes with all the features they have been demanding for a while. Interestingly, we didn’t find anything disappointing about this new launch.

If you have been visiting the forums frequently, you have probably already heard about some of the exciting features BlackBerry has been planning for the 10.2.1 launch. These include APK installs, pic passwords and custom settings. There are some other goodies as well. Here is an overview of some new additions that got us really excited

Open Apps from Lock screen

What this feature means is that you can now open apps directly from your lock screen notification. If you swipe the app icon, you will be taken directly to the application. In previous versions of the OS, this gesture would simply take you to the home screen.

Contact Profiles

With this new update BlackBerry has brought back custom contact profiles. You can also set different alerts for each person in your contact list for phone calls, emails, text messages, social apps and BBM.

New BBM Emoticons

The new and improved BlackBerry Messenger, too, has undergone an image makeover. It now sports some cool emoticons including a camera, moon, rainbow, happy guy and a martini glass.

Contact Groups

The OS 10.2.1 will allow you to create groups from within the contacts application. This was one of the many features that really impressed us.

Q10 Speed Dials

At long last BlackBerry has enabled Q10 speed dial from home screen. In order to assign a specific speed dial, you just need to hold down a key.

BlackBerry OS Device Monitor

The Device Monitor is included under settings. This indicates the status of your battery, memory, storage and CPU usage.

With the launch of this OS, BlackBerry has made it easier for developers to launch Android apps compatible with BlackBerry devices. In fact the new BlackBerry OS adds support for a large number of Android applications and features. BlackBerry devices will be able to run Android apps developed for version 4.2.2 or earlier.

What’s more, the new OS allows users to download and install Android APKs on their own. They no longer have to download the apps from BlackBerry’s App store.

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