Customization with the Watcher App for BlackBerry 10

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BlackBerry World is being flooded with many headless BB 10 apps. In this scenario, many folk would want an app like Watcher running on their BlackBerrys. This simple and effective tool allows customization of many BlackBerry 10 options. These range from the LED that all of us BB fans love so much to blocking of phone calls and more.

Watcher features are quite extensive. Undoubtedly, the developer has invested a lot of time and efforts into building the app. The price is quite a bargain at just £0.75/$0.99.

To run it, you need to have BlackBerry 10.2 or higher. Note that if you have a leaked OS version, you might encounter a few hiccups.
Watcher is likely to gain popularity because of the combination of a fluid, smooth and clean user interface with a huge number of options.


According to an update from the developer, to make use of all features, users need to have BB 10.2.1. This seems strange since we’d seen that the earlier version worked perfectly on 10.2.0. In spite of this, BlackBerry World has decided that the app will be available only to users having 10.2.1.



• You have an option to vibrate when your outgoing phone call is connected. This means you don’t need to put your device near your ear right after dialing.
• You also have an option to vibrate when there’s a failed or disconnected phone call.


• You can opt to flash the LED with various colors when there’s an incoming call.
• There’s an option to blink the LED when your device is connected to a mobile network.
• You can also flash the LED for new text messages and email.


• You can auto switch your profile to a suitable state for a specific time period. For example, you could use this to automatically keep your device silent during the period you generally sleep. The cool thing is that Watcher changes the profile back to Normal when the specified period ends.
• There’s an option to enable profile changing when your device is in or out of the holster.

BB Watcher App Home Screen

• You can auto-change wallpapers at a specified time interval from a selected image folder.
• Auto-changing wallpaper when you unlock the screen is also possible. If you’re using a picture password, please refrain from using this feature. There will be conflict likely to result in big trouble.
• You have an option to play a sound when you lock or unlock your screen.


• You have the option of blocking specific text messages and emails on the basis of phone numbers, email addresses, email domains and keywords. For example, if you specify a domain to be blocked, all emails from this domain are automatically deleted.
• You can choose to block all your incoming phone calls. There’s another option which allows you to block incoming phone calls during a particular time period only, say when you’re sleeping.


• You have an option to play a sound when your charger is plugged in or pulled out.
• You can backup and restore all settings.
• You have an option to clear logs.
• You can enable and disable logging into the Hub.

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