Diaree: A Unique Social App for Blackberry 10

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Diaree is a completely unique social networking application for BlackBerry. It is an open forum that allows registered users to share the highs and lows of their lives with other forum members. Users can, for example, unload their problems, seek advice, share their joys and sorrows or give vent to your frustrations.

You can share your entries anonymously and publicly. You will need to create a profile, though. Diaree is similar to Twitter in many ways. However, unlike Twitter which allows you to post as many 140 character long tweets as you want, Diaree allows you to post only one entry per day. On the bright side, you don’t have to worry about the length of your entries because the post size is not strictly limited. You can edit your posts and image attachments.

If you don’t want your entries to be visible to others, you can mark them as private. In this case, only you will be able to view them. On the other hand, when you make your posts public, other community members can share or like them. They can also comment on them. As for privacy, well, your posts will remain completely anonymous. Anonymous posts will appear in the public list where anybody can see, read, like or share them.

Why use Diaree?

Diaree is a completely anonymous social network that allows you to post stuff you wouldn’t post on other social platforms like Facebook or Twitter. The biggest advantage of using this network is that you can post just about anything without having to worry about it becoming attached to your name. An anonymous post can be shared by community members. While on most other networks, the chances of a post getting shared depends upon the popularity of the user posting, on Diaree this is decided entirely by the quality of the post. Posts that are funny and engaging in nature will definitely get shared more often. Diaree does not inflate your ego because your posts are not associated with your real name.

Currently only BlackBerry 10 users can use Diaree but users can share their or other people’s public entries to anybody on the web. They just need to find the public entry and share it on their favorite social networks. Anybody can access this entry on any device.

Diaree is a well-built social app with a user-friendly interface. The community as a whole seems to be supportive. While the entries show a wide variety of emotions, they do look honest. Of course, you will find inappropriate entries as well.

Diaree App Diaree is still in its infancy and the makers are planning to make it available on Android and iOS.

A social network with a difference

You can use platforms like Facebook and Twitter to publicly share some aspects of your life fully knowing that your posts will be forever attached to your name. A handwritten journal, too, allows you to give vent to your feelings, but you are unlikely to share it with other people. Diaree is a cross between these two concepts. It allows you to share your thoughts anonymously and publicly. Other people will be able to read them, but they won’t be able to find out that the entries were posted by you.

BlackBerry 10 users can download Diaree for free. It works better on devices running OS version 10.2 or higher. It may not work properly if your device runs version 10.1.

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