The Best Blackberry Phone You Can Buy

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Blackberry provides only a limited number of options for Android fans, which can be a bit of a let down, but when it comes to selecting the right Blackberry, you’ll find many clear choices. Most Blackberry devices run on the same operating system, so you don’t have to spend time to think about the right OS for your device. However, there are still many options, so we will try to figure out the best device based on your needs. After all, owning the best BlackBerry phone is not all about rolling out a wad of cash – it’s about your personal needs and tastes.

Let’s look at a few BB devices and their features so that we can pick the right one.

Battery Backup – Blackberry Z30

You don’t need a feature-rich device like Blackberry Z30 if you use your mobile phone only for making calls and sending messages. Blackberry Z30 is equipped with a long battery life, ARM Dual core processor with 1.7GHz clocking speed, and 16GB of internal storage. Its battery is enough to handle just about anything from playing games, watching movies, listening to music, and browsing the web.

Touch Screen – Blackberry Z30

Blackberry Z30 comes with a large 5 inch screen  and is entirely devoid of any buttons on the front. It can be fully controlled through its display, with just the sleep/power button on top and volume up/down keys on the right. This large screen is good for watching movies and playing games. You can experience the natural sounds with the amazing speakers embedded in this model. Blackberry Z30 definitely beats out Z10 in all aspects.

Physical Keyboard – Blackberry Q10

Blackberry Q5 and Q10 support great physical keyboards. Their keys are designed and shaped to allow pressing with the tip of a finger. Apart from the physical keyboard, Q10 also has a virtual keyboard that is easy to access.

Black Berry Q5 has features like a 1.2 GHz processor, 5 MP camera, and 8 GB internal storage.  The device is available for low cost in the market as compared to Black Berry Q10, which has much better features than Q5. Both devices have good battery life.

Camera Options – Blackberry Z30

The device features a primary camera and a flash which is on the traditional top-left corner position. Z30 can capture some amazing shots and its large screen provides enough room to edit.

z30 Best on Budget – Blackberry Z10

You can simply go for Blackberry Z10, which provides features like touch screen and QWERTY keyboard, although Blackberry Q5 is the cheapest of all BB10 devices. Many retailers across the globe are dropping down the price of Z10.

Better communication – BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930

Of course Blackberry Bold 9930/9900 is a bit outdated, but is still loved by many. The device tops on the list when we look for communication as our main criteria. BB OS7 lacks many features provided by BB10 that makes the device hefty. Bold still wears the crown in terms of communication aspects like messaging, updating social networks, etc. with an outstanding battery life.

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