BlackBerry Blend – How to Get Started

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BlackBerry Blend is a cool new feature that allows users to bring the content on their smartphone to their computer/tablet. BlackBerry Blend debuted with BB OS 10.3. Right now only the BlackBerry Passport and the Porsche design P’9983 support BlackBerry Blend.

What can you do with BlackBerry Blend?

BlackBerry Blend will allow you to interact with your BB phone using your laptop or tablet. Using BlackBerry Blend, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Send and receive text and email messages.
  • Access your BBM Channels, BBM Chats and BBM Groups.
  • Manage your calendar
  • Transfer files between a BlackBerry phone and your computer/tablet
  • If your BlackBerry smartphone is associated with BES10, you can open a work browser securely and access public websites as well as your company’s intranet.

And when you receive a notification, BlackBerry Blend will display it on your computer/tablet. This feature will allow you to stay informed without having to reach for the phone.

BlackBerry Blend can work over a USB connection, your mobile data plan or a Wi-Fi connection.

How to get started with the BlackBerry Blend

Make sure that your device is supported by BlackBerry Blend. You will need the Porsche design P’9983 or the BlackBerry Passport to use the BlackBerry Blend. Your device should run BlackBerry OS version 10.3 or higher.

The computer should run Mac OS X version 10.7 or higher or Windows 7. The tablet should run Android OS 4.4 or iOS version 7.0 or higher. It should also have IPv6 enabled.

Install the BlackBerry Blend application on your tablet or computer

You can download BlackBerry Blend from the following URL: BlackBerry Blend comes pre-loaded with BB OS version 10.3.

Set up BlackBerry Blend

To start communicating with your BB device, you have to complete the pairing with the BB Blend application on your phone. This is quick and easy.

Open the BlackBerry Blend app on your tablet or computer.

When you launch it for the first time, you will be guided through it. Perform the following steps.

If you used a USB cable to connect your phone to your computer, click ‘USB Cable Connection’. If you used a mobile network or Wi-Fi, click ‘Wireless Network Connection’. Login with your BB ID when are prompted.

BB Blend

After you establish a connection between the phone and the tablet/computer, verify that your passkey on the phone matches your passkey on the tablet/computer. If your phone is password protected, you will have to enter the password. Now that you have completed the pairing, you’re ready to ‘blend’.

How to turn off notifications?

Notifications will appear on your tablet/computer when you receive a notification on your phone. You can turn off this feature if you want to. Open BB Blend on your tablet or computer, and click the Settings icon found in the upper-right corner. You will find the option to turn On or Off Notifications within the Quick Settings menu.

How to copy files between your phone and tablet/computer

To copy files, click File Manager found within BlackBerry Blend. Open the folder you want to manage and drag files from or to the folder.

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    BlackBerry Blend is a cool new feature that allows users to bring the content on their smartphone to their computer/tablet. BlackBerry Blend debuted w
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