BlackBerry Passport Demand Exceeds Expectations

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The Passport has exceeded BlackBerry’s expectations. The first batch has already been sold out and many people who pre-ordered the phone are yet to receive their shipment. But BlackBerry CEO John Chen isn’t worried at all.

While attending the Technologies that Matter forum in Hong Kong, John Chen told reporters that he is happy with the development. It is no secret that lots of people who ordered their Passport have had their shipment put on back order.

If some people cannot buy the Passport, it is a good thing. It shows that customers are interested in this device. BlackBerry probably wasn’t expecting this demand. They didn’t offer too many units.

Instead of ordering too many units and running the huge risk of not selling enough of them, BlackBerry took a conservative approach. They struck a balance between not enough and too many. This has left some people waiting a little longer for their shipment to arrive, but it is good for BlackBerry. The company has proved that they are still capable of launching devices that can get sold out within hours. This gives BlackBerry control over their inventory and they are capable of leveling it with demand.

Meanwhile, we have got some good news for people who ordered their BlackBerry Passport through ShopBlackBerry. All devices that had been put on back order have started shipping. So, you should receive your shipment in a couple of days. ShopBlackBerry has also started taking fresh orders.

If you have been waiting for the device, check your email inbox to see if you have received any shipment notifications. If you haven’t already, you will receive the notifications presently.

The BlackBerry Passport has a 4.5 inch square touch display. It is roughly the same size as a US Passport. The device is aimed at business users and has features that will increase their productivity. The biggest strength of the Passport is its wide display that is suitable for viewing and editing spreadsheets and documents.

The Passport runs BlackBerry 10 operating system and has a 13 megapixel camera and 32 GB internal storage. It has a 3-row touch-enabled BlackBerry keyboard.

It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.2GHz Quad-Core processor. It has a   3450mAH non-removable battery which will provide 14 hours of GSM talk time. This is another feature that makes this device a big favorite with business customers. Some of the very popular smartphones on the market are not capable of providing decent battery life. BlackBerry Passport also supports the NFC technology.


BlackBerry started taking preorders for the Passport on September 24 and the first 200,000 units were sold out quickly.

BlackBerry has seen both good and bad ways. Almost five years ago, their smartphones were the enterprise gold standard. Eventually BlackBerry lost its grip on the smartphone market when consumer oriented Android and iOS devices started shipping. It is true that BlackBerry no longer enjoys the popularity it had five years ago. But there are still several BlackBerry loyalists and the company hasn’t disappointed them. In fact, in less than one year after John Chen took over CEO, BlackBerry underwent a tremendous transformation. He trimmed the staff and entered into several fruitful agreements. The agreement with Amazon has been particularly helpful.

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