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The promising multi-OS, conferencing solution, ‘BBM™ Meetings’ was recently made official by the tech giant in the field of mobile communications. The application allows users of BlackBerry 10, Mac, Android and Windows to make superior quality video as well as voice conferences on the move. It is being said that the service is capable of boosting productivity as well as security on your device. You can transform a BBM chat into an official meeting with just a click. You will be charged $12.50 per month for this service. You can also try their 30-day-free-trial before making this purchase.

Voice and video conferencing facilities on mobile phone devices are becoming tremendously popular in today’s scenario. But unfortunately, the existing technologies do not provide quality solutions for effective collaborations. According to a survey, more than 60 percent mobile phone users feel that there’s a need to develop better conferencing facilities that’ll allow them to join or conduct meetings and conferences on their mobile phones in an effective, hassle-free and pocket-friendly manner. Now, with the launch of BBM™ Meetings, this desire for quality collaborations might just get fulfilled.

BBM Meetings

The service allows you to join conferences in a much simplified manner as compared to other applications currently available in the market. The cost of this service is also pretty reasonable, provided the number of functions it offers and the ease of functionality it brings along. It has the potential of becoming the most effective solution for video and voice conferencing, since it not only provides great functionality, but also because of its ability to work on various platforms (operating systems). This program has been developed, keeping in mind the needs of a mobile phone user, whereas most of the current collaboration programs were designed for a standard PC user, thus making BBM™ Meetings a much more user-friendly and reliable collaboration software.

Key features of this application include –

  • Create Schedules – You can create a schedule for your meeting or conference well in advance. You can notify the participants regarding the conference conveniently from your device via email or BBM. There is an option of adding these schedules to your device calendar automatically.
  • From Chat to Conference – You can transform your BBM chats into conferences with just a single click on your device. Not only your personal chats can be converted into conferences, but your multi-person chats and group chats can also be converted.
  • Convenience of Joining a Meeting – Conference IDs, PINs and passwords have haunted us for long enough. BBM™ Meetings allows you to join conferences without facing any such hassles. Your phone rings, you answer the call and now you are in the meeting. It’s as simple as that!
  • High Definition Video Conferencing – With it’s HD video and voice conferencing, you can give life to your ideas like never before. You can add upto 25 participants and the quality will not be compromised with.

Instead of purchasing BBM Meetings separately, you can buy the newly launched value-added services bundle which inlcudes Advantage Level Support and BBM Protected, besides BBM Meetings for just $12 dollars. This package will be launched by the company in December.



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