How Professionals from Different Industries Can Improve Their Productivity Using the Passport

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It has been more than 2 months since BlackBerry launched its smartphone the Passport. Since then it has remained one of the best-selling unlocked smartphones on The device had sold out within hours of its launch. It is available again and now customers have the option of buying it in black, red or white.

The Passport has several features that make it different from other smartphones on the market. For one thing, it sports a physical QWERTY keyword. This isn’t something you would find in Android or iOS phones. Obviously, the Passport is built to enhance productivity. It is ideal for writing and editing documents, emails and spreadsheets. Because of its large display it can show more data. BlackBerry now also provides more financing options.

The Passport already has a large number of celebrity users. It is this device that Masai Ujiri uses to perform his duties as General Manager and President of the Toronto Raptors. Celebrity chef Tyler Florence uses the same phone to manage eight companies.

In this article, we will explain how professionals working in different sectors can enhance their productivity with the Passport.

At the outset itself, we should make it clear that the Passport is a productivity tool. It is not a toy you can use to kill your time. If that is what you want, you will be better off buying an iPhone or an Android phone.

The Passport is meant for professionals who would like to get their work done on the go. That said, it has excellent multimedia capabilities as well, so you will have no difficulty playing games or watching videos.

Here is how various professionals can benefit from this device.

BB passport

Architects and designers

The Passport is a great device for all architects and designers. It will allow them to have a mobile office in their palms. The Passport has a 13MP camera capable of shooting high resolution images. The camera and the BlackBerry Hub will allow an architect to share photos from the work site and other details with their colleagues.

In addition, the BlackBerry Assistant will keep them productive all the time even when their hands aren’t free. The large square display is optimized for viewing all kinds of documents. The Passport also has a touch-enabled keyboard. It is an industry first. These are just some of the advantages of this device.

Medical professionals

Medical professionals are always busy. That is why they need the productivity enhancing features of the Passport. They can greatly benefit from the secure remote access provided by BlackBerry Blend. They will also appreciate the ability to read and edit documents on the go. The Passport has a massive 1,440 x 1,440 touchscreen which is great for viewing images. Better still, the Passport has a monster battery that will power the device for as many as 30 hours.

Unlocked BlackBerry Passport smartphones are now available for purchase from  In the US, it is also available from Amazon and Expansys USA. AT&T will soon start offering it. If working wide is your goal, you have every reason to get your Passport today itself.

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