BBM Shop Receives 1 Billion Views in January

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So, you thought no one really uses the BBM Stickers, didn’t you? If the latest figures released by BlackBerry are anything to go by, you are wrong. BlackBerry has just announced that its BBM Shop received more than 1 billion page views in January. Also, 72 percent of customers who access BBM Shop view virtual goods every month.

According to BlackBerry, their virtual goods have so far generated over 3 billion impressions. Over the last 6 weeks, BlackBerry users’ interaction with BBM virtual goods has increased by 200 percent. This has also proved the business viability of virtual goods.

BlackBerry has been trying to monetize BBM for a while. They are keen on growing their user base and increasing average revenue per user. With these objectives, they have implemented several strategies. BlackBerry, for example, increased its user-base by implementing the cross-platform strategy. BBM is now available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. In order to increase average revenue per user, BlackBerry now offers services like virtual goods and BBM Money.

BlackBerry now also offers opportunities for businesses that want to connect with their users through BBM. Qoo10, which is a popular online marketplace in Asia, was the first company to release a sponsored BBM sticker pack. In order to boost their brand equity, they gave the sticker pack away to their users free of cost. BBM Shop now also offers advertising space for brands.

Users are becoming more and more dependent on their mobile phones. An average user reportedly checks their device 150 times per day. Mobile has surpassed desktop internet, TV and print as the most successful platform for brands to connect with their customers.

Mobile internet allows users to make payment, pay bills and shop online. Messaging is fast becoming the most popular way to interact with mobile internet. Virtual goods and other services make BlackBerry the preferred platform to do everything that you typically do with your smartphone.

The latest BBM Shop update brings several new entertainment options. There are useful apps, games, music streaming options etc. The apps include the Instagram client iGrann and the weather app BeWeather. There are also several options for streaming music.

Nobex, for example, is an award winning app that allows you to stream live radio programs from more than 20,000 stations around the world.

BBM Shop

The digital music platform 7digital is a leading player in the downloadable music space. It will be available in Canada, the US, the UK, Australia and Scandinavia sometime soon.

Akazoo is a subscription based music streaming service already available in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Greece and Poland. It will be available in Vietnam, Singapore, South Africa and Brazil.

Hungama which is the largest publisher, developer and distributor of Bollywood music and movies will soon be available for BlackBerry Messenger users in India through BBM Shop.

BlackBerry has also added iTunes support. As a result, users on iOS can now buy songs through iTunes.

In your BBM Settings, turn on ‘Show What I’m Listening To’ and ‘Show What Others are Listening To’. This way your contacts and you can help one another to discover new music.

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