Top Reasons That Make BlackBerry the Preferred Choice of Business Executives

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BlackBerry smartphones have always been the preferred choice of men and women who mean business. BlackBerry may have lost its market share to Android and iOS devices, but its phones are still valued for their security and business oriented features. They are meant for people who want to get things done on the go. This was pretty evident at the World Economic Forum held at Davos last week.

This is a prestigious event attended by the movers and shakers of world economy. Apparently, most of the attendees were seen using a combination of BlackBerry and iPhone.

Business Insider interviewed some top level executives attending the conference and observed that BlackBerry enjoyed ‘massive market share’ in Davos. One of the executives who was interviewed by the magazine said that his company still prefers its staff to use BlackBerry because it provides much better security than Android and iPhones. Several other executives also echoed the same sentiment. So, most of them brought two phones to Davos – an iPhone for play and a BlackBerry for work.

It might seem a bit odd, but by rocking the BlackBerry-iPhone combo an executive is sending out a powerful signal about his status. As we all know, iPhones are expensive devices. When you have one, it is an indirect way of saying that you are rich and that is the main reason most people like to flaunt their shiny iPhones. But if you are an important person, you will most probably be busy and then you will need a smartphone with a physical keyboard and other business features. BlackBerry can address that need better than any other smartphone maker on the market.

One of the directors of a Middle Eastern central bank told Business Insider that the keyboard was the real reason for him to use a BlackBerry. He said that he is not just replying to emails with ‘Tx’ or ‘OK’. Thanks to his BlackBerry, he is also sending long reports to his colleagues and staff. Would he have managed to accomplish this if he had used another device?

If you want to do some serious business on the go, BlackBerry is, has always been and will always be the best choice. But beyond its keyboard and intrinsic security, BlackBerry has several other features that make it ideal for a busy mobile professional. BBM, for example, has been the favorite messaging app for security conscious organizations for quite some time.

blackberry for business Beyond security, BlackBerry devices possess several productivity features that professionals need. Yes, security is intrinsic to all that BlackBerry does; there are several other features as well. BlackBerry Blend, for example, allows BlackBerry devices to interact with a Mac or PC. The best part is that it leaves nothing behind when you disconnect. BlackBerry Hub allows you to access all of your messages – emails, calls, texts, social messages – from one place.

And then there is BlackBerry Assistant which can handle voice commands better than Apple’s Siri.

But what about apps? BlackBerry has addressed that issue as well. It has partnered with Amazon Appstore to provide its users access to an awesome combination of entertainment and productivity apps.

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