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BBRocks! Announcements / by Mauricio -

MetroBerry Google Search

MetroBerry is now Google Search optimized. You can search for anything within MetroBerry using Google’s powerful search engine right on this page! The Google Search bar is on the left…

Apps & Games / by Mauricio -

New Google Maps v2.2.3

Just heard that Google released an update to their Google Maps Mobile application. Supposedly voice search was removed from this version, but I can’t check myself because I don’t see…

Accessories / by Mauricio -

Golden Shellback Splash Proof Coating

httpvh:// This is great! With this you will never have to worry about dropping your phone in water or spilling anything on it. One more thing to make your Berry…

Apps & Games / by Mauricio -

ShrinkIt by BerryCoder

BerryCoder recently released this application called ShrinkIt. With this application, you can shrink an image after saving it. So if you want to save the original photo but want to…

BBRocks! Announcements / by Mauricio -


This is my first post to my first personal site. If you’ve read the about page already, some of this might sound familiar. My name is Mauricio and I have…