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Review: PhoneFace Speed-dial for BlackBerry

[youtube][/youtube] I’ve been playing with this application for a little while. PhoneFace Speed-dial is an application that allows you to create a picture-enabled speed dial menu. It’s fast, reliable, and…

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More BlackBerry Storm Videos!!!

Everyone is going crazy with these BlackBerry Storm videos today! Check them out: [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] KnowYourMobile [youtube][/youtube]

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ATTVideoLog: BlackBerry Bold

[youtube][/youtube] While browsing YouTube videos I came across this one. In this video Larry Meyer (think I spelled that right) takes a first look at the BlackBerry Bold. Well it’s…

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BlackBerry Curve 8900 Video Review

[youtube][/youtube] MobileSyrup has put together a nice little video review of the BlackBerry Curve 8900 (formally known as the Javelin) compared with the BlackBerry Bold 9000. I still want the…

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Review: ACT by Sage 2009

Getting the ACT Together In version 2009, ACT increases its integration with Microsoft Outlook and enhances its database search capabilities. While these may sound like incremental improvements, the new Outlook…

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Review: YouMail

This service is free and compatible with most service providers. You can easily check and listen to your voice mail with an online “in box.” It even has a “trash”…

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Review: BBSmart Alarms Pro

Congratulations to BBSmart for another great application. The icon of the application itself is an interactive clock that has different face colors when an alarm is activated or not. When…