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Random and miscellaneous posts not necessarily related to BlackBerry, but might be of interest.

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BlackBerrys Can’t Get Drunk!

Just read a pretty funny story over at BerryReporter. I don’t really want to spoil the funniness of the story, so go check out the post at BerryReporter: BlackBerry Smartphones…

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Storm vs Bold vs iPhone 3G

[youtube][/youtube] Nice, short, basic comparison video. Both BlackBerrys look better than the iPhone, and I’m not saying that just because I like BlackBerrys 😆 . Source – CrackBerry

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RIM Executives Rock Out!

[youtube][/youtube] That’s pretty cool. Everyone needs to wind down once and a while. I would have definitely had some fun rocking out with them if I had went. Maybe next…

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Famous BlackBerry Users

I would say these celebs using a BlackBerry is enough reason to brag. There are phones out there that cost ridiculous amounts of money that basically say “oo I’m rich”…