In order to be able to install applications and themes via BlackBerry Desktop Manager, you first need to have BlackBerry Desktop Manager 😉 .

You can get the latest BlackBerry Desktop Manager here.

For the purposes of this tutorial, BlackBerry Desktop Manager will be known as “DM.” Now that you have the latest DM we can continue to the tutorial.

WARNING: Do at your own risk. Any problems that may occur while using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager are not my responsibility.


  • Connect your BlackBerry to your computer via the USB cable that came with it, or any USB cable that fits.
  • Start the DM.


  • You have a few choices to select from here.
  • Click on Application Loader, as seen highlighted above.


  • In this screen you have two options to select from.
  • Select Add/Remove Applications.


  • You should now see something like what you see above.
  • From this screen, click browse.


  • Once you click browse you will see a file search screen like the one above.
  • Go to and locate where you unzipped the application/theme files.
  • Make sure you unzipped both the alx file and cod file in the same folder. If you don’t the installation will fail.
  • After finding the alx file (for this tutorial it is ziplorer.alx) for the application, highlight it and click open.


  • You will now return to the Application Loader screen.
  • From here you should see Ziplorer now listed with Install under the Action column.
  • Click next.


  • You will now see what actions will be taken with your BlackBerry.
  • In this screen, you should only see that you are adding Ziplorer.
  • Click finish.


  • You’re done!
  • You can now exit the DM and disconnect your BlackBerry.

That’s it! I usually do a battery pull to allow my BlackBerry to start up fresh after application installations and the like, I suggest you do the same.

I hope you all found this tutorial useful.