This page has all the latest BlackBerry Operating Systems (OS) listed by model number, both Official and Leaked, each with dates of when they were last updated.

Each OS is linked to the corresponding post where information about that OS can be found, along with instructions on how to upgrade and backup your BlackBerry.

If the Official OS is higher or the same as the Leaked OS, the Leaked OS will not be hyperlinked and it will have a line through it. This page contains only the latest OS versions. For older OS versions browse through the Operating System Updates category.

If you’d like to check for the latest OS for your device while mobile, there is a mobile version available which can be viewed by visiting BBRocks! from your BlackBerry Browser.

Want to help keep this page up-to-date? Visit the official BlackBerry Software Downloads page and browse through the various carriers. If you find an OS that is newer than the ones listed here send an email to [email protected] with the OS version, carrier and your name/Twitter so I know who to thank! You can also post about it in the forums.


Model Name/Number
Base Official OSLatest Official OSLatest Leaked OSUpdated
Pearl 81004.
Pearl 81104.
Pearl 81204.
Pearl 81304.
Pearl 8130m4.
Pearl Flip 82204.
Pearl Flip 82304.
Curve 83004.
Curve 83104.
Curve 83204.
Curve 83305.
Curve 8330m4.
Curve 8350i5.
Curve 85205.
Curve 85305.
8830 WE4.
Curve 89005.
Curve 89105.
Curve 89805.
Bold 90005.
Pearl 3G 91006.
Pearl 3G 91056.
Curve 3G 93006.
Curve 3G 93306.
Curve 93507.
Curve 93607.
Curve 93707.
Curve 93807.
Storm 95005.
Storm2 95205.
Storm 95305.
Storm2 95505.
Tour 96305.
Bold 96506.
Style 96706.
Bold 97006.
Bold 97806.
Bold 97907.
Torch 98006.
Torch 98107.
Torch 98507.
Torch 98607.
Bold 99007.
Bold 99307.
PlayBook Tablet2.