BlackBerry OS 6.1 Will Include Manage Panes Options – Select Which Panes Appear In The Home Screen!

by Mauricio 1,316 views0

Here’s some awesome news. We know BlackBerry OS 6.1 is on the way and will be included in the next generation of BlackBerry devices, but not too much is known about it yet. We know some of what it will include from a developer’s perspective which does go into detail about some new capabilities, though.

Thanks to the screenshot above, we now also know that BlackBerry 6.1 will include a Manage Panes options screen. If you weren’t a fan of having to purposely or accidentally swipe through the All, Favorites, Media, Downloads and Frequent panes, you will soon be able to choose which of these appear in the Home Screen. A small addition to the OS but it will definitely be helpful.

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