BlackBerry Apps Once Again!

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Here is a quick overview of some BlackBerry apps we discovered this week.


Spambox is a useful app for blocking spam emails, unsolicited calls and text messages. It helps users fight spam in many ways. It comes with a whitelist and a blacklist for your email accounts and mobile network. The application uses keywords to identify unwanted messages. Perhaps the most interesting feature is the Shake to block. This feature allows you to block an incoming call by simply shaking your device. Note that it only works for unfamiliar numbers. Numbers in your contacts list cannot be blocked this way. Spambox has a neat interface. It can automatically detect your email accounts. There is a free version of this app for OS version 10.3.1.

Whip Swing

This is a challenging game but the concept is quite simple. You only have a bullwhip at your disposal. And with the help of this bullwhip you have to go as far as you can by swinging from one branch to the next. If you make a false step, you will fall and be killed. Of course, this is a simple premise but it simply isn’t easy to master the technique. If you are adventurous, you should definitely try this game. It can be purchased for $0.99 from Amazon Appstore.


This is an expense reporting app that you can use to track your own expenses. You will be able to create several business profiles, budgets and timesheets. You will also be able to define clients and activities and record your travel times. You can export data in the CSV format.  There is a free trial version. The full version runs $4.99. BlackBerry users can currently purchase this app for $2.99. Keep in mind that this discounted version is not compatible with BB OS 10.2.1.

One More Line

This game will keep you hooked from the beginning itself. It has a neat and minimal look to it. What you need to do is to keep your spaceship going without hitting against the various obstacles. The obstacles, by the way, are the colored dots you will find on the screen. If you don’t understand the concepts, you may find it difficult to play this game. Luckily, there is a short tutorial. This is a free app that you can download from Amazon Appstore.

apps CraftyLists

This application allows you to carry your shopping list with you. It does not matter where you go or what device you use. With CraftyLists you can add various items to your list. You will also be able to share your list with your family in real time. The interface is easy to read. All items automatically sync with the website. You can enter and delete entries quickly. CraftyLists runs $0.99. It is also compatible with version 10.2.1.

Secret SMS and MMS

Do you want to hide your messages from your family and colleagues? This is a standalone application that allows you to accomplish it. The app supports threaded conversations. You will be able to password protect it.  This app runs $0.99.

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    Here is a quick overview of some BlackBerry apps we discovered this week. Spambox Spambox is a useful app for blocking spam emails, unsolicited calls
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