BlackBerry Launches BES 12 Cloud for SMBs and Enterprises

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BlackBerry’s cross platform enterprise server BES12 Cloud is now available for SMBs and enterprises. Unlike BES12 which is deployed on the customer’s network, the BES12 Cloud uses a subscription pricing model. This makes the service more affordable to small businesses. Cloud subscriptions also come with BlackBerry’s technical support.

The Bring Your Own Device culture poses several security risks to enterprises. When employees bring their cross platform devices to the workplace, managing them all can be quite a challenge for a security conscious organization. That is why they need a competent EMM solution like BES12.

BES12 Cloud was announced during the Mobile World Congress held in March 2015. A closed beta version of this service has been available since then. It is now out of beta and available to enterprises and other businesses that would like to use the service.

BES12 Cloud is a powerful enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution. In fact, it simplifies EMM. Businesses that use BES12 Cloud will be able to mobilize their workforce easily. Small and medium sized businesses that want to grow their business by taking advantage of mobility will also greatly benefit from BES12 Cloud. It makes it easy for them to manage apps and data. BES12 Cloud is secure and flexible. In addition, it can be deployed easily. If your business is powered by BES12, you can rest assured that it will be more productive and secure.

BES12 Cloud has the same core features as BES12. In addition to these it has some other benefits. These include the following:

Ease of deployment

Enterprises interested in using BES12 Cloud can sign up online. This makes the purchase process a whole lot easier. In fact, within a few minutes of purchasing the service, you will be able to access EMM service in the cloud. BES12 Cloud is as good as BES12 but it comes with the added advantage of the cloud.

BES12 Cloud Lower TCO

BES12 Cloud eliminates the need to invest in on-premise hardware, software and license. Still, it has the same subscription pricing as BES12 which is an on-premise solution. As the enterprise does not have to invest in expensive equipment or software, their operating costs will be low. This is particularly helpful for small and medium sized businesses. BES12 Gold and Silver subscriptions are billed annually.

Flexibility and scalability

BES12 Cloud is a scalable solution. It allows businesses to manage their cross platform devices easily without having to invest heavily in servers and other equipment.

With BES12 Cloud businesses can easily manage their fleet of BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. In addition, several Android for Work and Samsung Knox tablets and smartphones are supported. There is a 30-day free trial period. During the free trial, you will have complete access to the BES12 platform. In addition, subscribers will be given 50 Secure Work Space subscriptions to enroll their Android and iOS devices and, 50 Gold BES12 subscriptions to enroll their BlackBerry smartphones. They will also have access to BlackBerry’s award winning customer support 24/7. You can find more information about BES12 Cloud from the official website.

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