Rumor: Blackberry Z10 to be Available on February 5th in Canada

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As we get closer to the Blackberry 10 launch event, which is just six days away, by the way, more and more rumors are going to start cropping up. It’s a wonder that we’re not already being showered with rumors about the new platform. We sure do have plenty of images to peek at though.

The latest rumor coming out of the gates doesn’t incorporate any features or specifications. Instead, it’s an estimated release date for the Z10. I was just as excited as you probably are right now to hear the news. Unfortunately, the release date is specifically for Telus and Bell in Canada. I know, it’s a huge bummer for U.S. and U.K. residents alike. Still, if Canadians are hearing rumors of an actual release date, the rest of us will be soon to follow (when referring to “the rest of us,” I mean countries other than Canada).

Apparently, the Blackberry Z10 will be available in two different models, black and white, from Telus and Bell on February 5th. That’s not very far away!

Z10 Side Profile

As for our US and UK readers, I expect to have more information for you in just six days, when the launch event happens! Of course, I’ll be showered with loads upon loads of Blackberry 10 news so make sure you stay tuned!

Canadian readers will notice right away that Rogers is absent from the release list, but don’t worry. Just because, there are no rumors floating around out there, it doesn’t mean that Rogers won’t be at the front line of the BB10 launch. In fact, Rogers has been pretty loyal to the Blackberry brand over the years so I would argue the opposite.

January 30th Marks the Date of New Beginnings

Can you taste the excitement in the air? I sure can. Yes, I meant that I could taste it too, and I have to say that it’s a bit coppery.

We’re finally starting to see market analysts and the combined press, painting a positive image of RIM. It certainly took you guys, and gals, long enough! Everyone here at BlackberryRocks has been rooting for RIM since the beginning! It’s quite fascinating to witness, especially when just months ago everyone was bashing the company.

Perhaps the biggest criticism of RIM has been due to the fact that the company hasn’t released a new product in nearly 18 months, unless of course,  you consider the 4G Playbook (in this case we’re obviously not counting it). Still, where are most of those naysayers now?

It sure seems like a lot of them have disappeared now that RIM started demoing BB10 OS to the public.

There’s plenty of positive news about RIM’s growing market share also! Remember that feature on RIM’s CMO, Frank Boulben, that talked about the biggest tech comeback in history? Well it looks like that may very well be true! Good call Frank!


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