How to Use Custom Ringtones in Blackberry 10

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The option to customize the Blackberry experience has been around for quite some time. Most of the older Blackberry devices offered support to change wallpapers, ringtones, themes and more. Although that’s changed a bit with Blackberry 10, most of the core customization options are still there. You can’t change the entire theme of the OS, but you can change wallpaper, and you can choose custom ringtones.

Today, I’m going to take you through the process of changing ringtones on your Blackberry 10 device. It’s pretty easy, but it does require some preparation beforehand.

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That first step you need to complete before setting up custom ringtones is get the sound files that you’d like to use on your device. You can download them from various sources, or you can make the ringtones yourself using audio software (I recommend using Audacity to trim music files, but keep in mind it’s only compatible with Windows). The beauty of Blackberry 10 is that it is compatible with a large selection of audio formats. You can use mp3, m4a, wav, FLAC and many more file formats. If you’d like to see a full list of BB10 supported file formats, you can find one here.

The next step requires actually transferring the media files to your Blackberry 10 device. There are several different ways to do this.

  • You can enable WiFi sync and transfer files from a computer over the air
  • You can connect your device directly to your computer (with a USB cable) using USB Mass Storage mode
  • You can store your files in the cloud using Dropbox, Box or any other service and then retrieve them on your device
  • You can download files sent via mms

The list goes on and on. The important thing to remember is that the files need to be physically stored on your device. You should save the files in the Ringtones folder on your SD card, so it’s easy to find them later, but you don’t necessarily have to.

Once you have a marvellous collection of ringtones and notifications sounds, you can move on to actually enabling your tones.

Simply browse to the notification settings menu on your device, and select the Browse Tones option. A navigation menu will appear, and you should have the option to locate the folder where you stored your ringtones earlier. Hopefully you know where to go from here, but all that’s left to do is to choose which ringtone or sound you’d like to use.

Wallah! You should now see your custom ringtone selected for the appropriate notification. You can continue to setup the rest of your notifications separately using this technique if you’d like custom tones for each of them.

I download most of my ringtones, and wallpapers using Zedge. Right now, the service only has an app for Android and iOS devices, but I’m expecting to see a Blackberry 10 app soon. If you would like to try out Zedge on your BB10, all you have to do is visit the website. You can still download content directly to your device even without the proprietary app. Of course, there’s also the option to side load the Android version of the app onto your Z10.

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    The option to customize the Blackberry experience has been around for quite some time. Most of the older Blackberry devices offered support to change
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