Blackberry Update 10.1 Rumored to Arrive Soon, Adds Several New Features

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Blackberry updates are fantastic. They fix any minor software flaws, improve performance and also allow Blackberry to introduce new features to the platform. The best part is that they arrive quite a bit faster than Android OTA updates. Of course, the update process is still at the whim of mobile carriers like Verizon Wireless, AT&T and more, but that’s beside the point.

According to, Blackberry is preparing a major update for the BB10 platform that is rumored to launch later this month. The update is going to introduce a whole slew of new features and improvements, bumping the software version to Blackberry 10.1.

The latest update is supposedly going to introduce a much faster camera app, with full HDR support for photos. If you don’t already know what HDR means, take my word for it that it’s like a filter that intrinsically makes photos look extraordinary. It essentially helps to sharpen the image and make it look a little brighter- of course, HDR is a little more advanced than that, but you get the gist of it.

Blackberry 10 Updates

A new function will also allow you to send BBM PIN messages directly through the Blackberry Hub. More specifically, you will be able to deliver a secure text message with your BBM communication PIN to different contacts.

Blackberry Link will also be introduced; it’s a new software implementation that’s going to allow you to browse the contents of your Blackberry device on a computer via a wireless connection. Think AirDroid but for the Blackberry platform.

Of course, the latest update is also going to improve the Blackberry 10 experience on the upcoming Q10 which is set to launch real soon. Folks that have held off on getting the Z10 will be supremely happy to know that the Q10 is getting some serious optimization updates straight away. Not that the platform necessarily needs a massive update to begin with.

Installing updates on your Blackberry 10 device, when they’re available is incredibly straightforward.

All you have to do is swipe down from the top of the screen (while it’s unlocked) in order to reach the quick settings menu.

Blackberry 10 Quick Settings Menu

Then, just simply scroll down to the “Software Updates” option in the menu and select it. The device will reveal what version of the Blackberry 10 software you currently have installed and a button to “Check for Updates.”

Checking for Blackberry 10 Updates

Obviously, clicking on the button will tell your device to look for any OTA updates that are available. I recommend just waiting for the update to roll out on its own because a message will appear in your notifications alerting you that an update is ready.

I get all giddy like a little boy in a candy anytime there are application and software updates. I don’t know why but I love trying out all the new features. The latest update will be no exception to that rule. I’m going to shoot all kinds of photos and objects using the new HDR functionality.

How many of you are excited for this update? Are you waiting for a Blackberry Q10? Why did you decide to pass up on the Z10? Let me know in the comments below!

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