Blackberry Rated Second to Last in User Experience Report

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People are arguing all the time about which platform is really best for users. Is it iOS 7, Android or Blackberry 10? Is there another platform out there that’s better? Which mobile OS truly offers the best experience?

A firm rightfully known as Pfeiffer Consulting set out to measure just that. Which mobile platform offers the best experience for its users? They generated a pretty in-depth report that compared elements of iOS 7, iOS 6, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry 10. They looked at only software and excluded hardware from the equation entirely. This allowed them to directly compare features and elements of the mobile platforms in a more equal manner. The most important factor at play here was how easy a platform is for the average user.

According to the firm, they compared four different elements of each platform:

  • Cognitive load – the sum of elements you need to get familiar with in order to use a device spontaneously and intuitively
  • Efficiency – how productive and efficient one can be with the device and system
  • Customization – How many customization options are available for a device
  • User experience friction (UEF) –  UXF is the bad stuff, the aspects of a device that can annoy you in a niggling way, or, in extreme cases can drive you crazy

The following image shows the user experience index of the devices. The higher the number the better the score is, in this case Blackberry 10 came in second to last, just above Windows Phone 8.

“BlackBerry 10 has a lot of promise – the basic idea behind the BlackBerry Hub is a clever take on the notifications feature in iOS and Android – but the operating system is hampered by inconsistencies, unexpected behaviors and user experience friction that makes it frustrating to use.”

Even though Blackberry 10 is lower on the list, you can see it just missed beating Android by about a point. That means, even though iOS reigns supreme Blackberry and Android are pretty close to a tie in terms of user experience. It makes a lot of sense though when you think about it, as the two platforms are remarkably similar. Android has had a lot longer development time, which translates to more features and a more streamlined experience.

When you consider that Blackberry 10 hasn’t even been around half as long as the Android OS, it certainly should give you some idea as to how far Blackberry has come. Although, it would be interesting to see how previous versions of the Blackberry OS stack up in the list.

If you want to read the full report, which is completely full of iOS love (just expect it) you can view the full PDF here. Seriously, the whole thing reads like it was put together by an Apple fanboy- it is called “How iOS 7 Stacks Up,” after all.

Anyway, I would argue that the Blackberry Hub is one of the most efficient notification and messaging system across all platforms, including iOS. Personally, I’ve used all three platforms and I feel that Android and Blackberry 10 belong higher in the list. You may not agree.

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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