Great Blackberry 10 Apps for Everyone

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Check out this week’s must-have apps. These include apps for gaming, video streaming, and also apps for those who love to shop.

Asami: The Furry Samurai

This highly entertaining, fast paced combat game for BlackBerry 10 is a must have for gamers. Enjoy slicing and dicing your way through evil creatures on a mission to save kidnapped friends and also save the town from the misdeeds of Alien Intruders. The soundtrack, graphics and game play are all top class and you’re sure to have the time of your life.

The controls of Asami: The Furry Samurai is easy and the various challenging levels promises to keep you engrossed for hours. Aliens have obliterated the town and your battle is not only for saving the town but also for getting revenge. A peaceful community becomes a war zone full of monsters and bombs. The aim is chasing down the alien warship and defeating all creatures on the way.


The BlackBerry 10 Crackle helps you stream video content. With this easy to use app, you can watch TV shows and movies for free anywhere, anytime. Browse through different genres which include action, animation, music, crime, comedy, horror, sci-fi and thriller. A description and star rating of each film is displayed. When you’ve made a selection, simply click the poster and then click play.

Every month 20 new TV episodes and movies are added to Crackle. This app can be used in 20 countries and content may vary according to the region. The BB10 version has all features of the Android version which include unlimited viewing and managing watch lists.


The Reebee app for BlackBerry 10 allows you to quickly know what’s on sale in your locality. All flyers from nearby areas are collected and placed in this simple, intuitive app. All you need to get started is a simple setup and information about your current location.

The app has great functionality, looks good, loads fast and is easy to navigate. If you’re taking care of all the shopping at home, you must download this free app for some cool savings.

Using the app, you get to see only relevant flyers based on your location and updated selections of deals for the day. In addition, you also get sneak peeks of upcoming deals.


This Blackberry 10 app combines world news with social news into a useful magazine for your Android devices. Once you select topics and build your Flipboard, you can start flipping instantly through the news you want to know about and photos and stories shared by your friends.

BB 10 Apps If you wish to save something for later viewing or add it to your personal ‘magazine’ on Flipboard, tap the plus (+) sign on it. You can flip through news on your Twitter timeline and other news outlets. You can also view Facebook posts, Instagram photos, YouTube videos and nuggets of pop culture.

For style and travel inspiration, there are places like Etsy, Cool Hunting and National Geographic and you can create magazines for yourself on anything ranging from Chemistry to Cooking.

Defender 2

The Blackberry 10 game Defender 2 is the ultimate in tower defense games. There are hordes of monsters coming to attack your castle. Their movements are fast; they strike hard, and are very persistent. This Defender version is more powerful than the earlier one. In addition, Lava Moat and Magic Towers join hands with Defender.
Touch the screen for shooting arrows. Dragging and dropping the spell icon casts a spell. Become a hero and enjoy the honors!

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    Check out this week’s must-have apps. These include apps for gaming, video streaming, and also apps for those who love to shop. Asami: The Furry Samur
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