Porsche Design BlackBerry P’9983 Officially Announced

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BlackBerry has officially announced its Porsche design P’9983 handset. The device is going to cost a small fortune and that might prevent most of us from getting one for ourselves. It is still worth knowing that the partnership between Porsche and BlackBerry is going strong. The P’9983 sports the same gorgeous design as the as the P’9982 and P’9981.

The top of the line P’9983 smartphone boasts of a stylish design inspired by the timeless beauty and elegance of the Porsche brand. It also comes with the effortless productivity offered by the BlackBerry technology.

This is the third device born out of the collaboration between Porsche and BlackBerry. The device uses high quality materials. The camera lens is made of sapphire glass and the Porsche logo and chassis are built of forged stainless steel. Also BlackBerry has used a unique glass-weave design for the rear door. In addition, the handset has specially designed glass-like keys that are as durable as synthetic materials. And with their silver font characters the keys create a unique 3D effect.

The P’9983 certainly allows its owners to make a style statement and show off their impeccable taste and desire for excellence. The product blends functionality and style and offers a real luxury experience.

This is the first Porsche design BlackBerry to have the QWERTY keyboard. It also runs the BB 10 operating system. The P’9983 offers all the benefits of BlackBerry 10 operating system. Key features include:

The Classic QWERTY keyboard from BlackBerry

The P’9983 has an elegantly designed QWERTY keyboard that will offer the best typing experience.  In addition, the next word suggestion and personalized auto correction tools make typing easier and more accurate.

Secure communication

BlackBerry allows individuals and businesses to communicate and collaborate using its world class BBM messaging app. BBM protects your data by encrypting it. Knowing that your communications are secure should make you feel better.

Unique PIN

As a Porsche owner you are instantly recognizable. The new P’9983 phone from BlackBerry comes with a unique PIN range – 2AAXXXXX. This PIN will set you apart and make you easily recognizable among other people who own this device.

BlackBerry World

You need the best tools to get your job done with excellence. You will find some of the best productivity and business apps in BlackBerry World. In addition, you can create that exclusive look with accessories specially designed for the P’9983.

The handset will ship with a high quality stereo headset, a polishing cloth, a USB cable and an international charging unit.

BlackBerry Priority Hub

Porsche Design BlackBerry P’9983

The Priority Club allows you to manage all of your communications and notifications. It uses an intelligent filtering system that will sort your messages and let you access the conversations that are most important to you. This will help you stay focused on tasks that are truly important.

Exceptional battery performance

BlackBerry smartphones are known for offering great battery life. The Porsche P’9983 will be no different. The battery on this unit is powerful enough to keep you running all day long.


The P’9983 will be available from select carriers, Porsche Design stores and retailers starting October 2014.

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